Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ying and Yang

I believe I should take up sensitive topics whenever possible. I hate hypocrites especially the ones in our very own society. Yes - I am talking about lesbians and gays. Here we are - poised at the crossroads of the country's future, our defacto leader in the PKR has been accused of sodomizing another man recently, again! I guess this form of sodomy exists within the cultures of lesbians and gays. Obviously, the leader has been arrested and underwent serious "checks" on his body. That was happening the last 24 hours. I seriously feel that something has gone wrong. Very very wrong.
On page 10 of the Star, guess what..we see this article. Aiyo...apa the incumbent government arrests a defacto leader who presumbly loves to sodomize men....and yet on one hand, we have a minister who wants to provide welfare aid to gays...hmmmmmmm...what is this country becoming to?

My contention - stick to the grounds. Look into the laws that govern the land. So what if the leader loves men? I guess I am insinuating about the leader but look at the current govt's stand to help gays. Come on lar - make up your bloody mind! Is this a ying and yang experience ? NOT!

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Pix Pixie said...

Hey Jeffrey, er... actually 'sodomy' (ie. anal sex) is practised by some straight couples out there too... I guess, even though many would find the act repulsive and going against their religion, I personally would prefer to have a competent, effective, honest and caring leader who 'may be sexually adventurous... or not' THAN an incompetent, dishonest, indecisive and spineless one. :)