Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lies, lies, lies

I find this subject matter very interesting. I know lies are plainly heart stopping but I didn't know whether lies have so many definitions. I am amazed based on what I found on wikipedia. Of what I see and read today, there are various attempts to deceive the everyday Joe (Joe - I am not talking about you). I truly attest to you that I have been a culprit before on lying. I nearly lost everything because of such fabrications and today, I see our leaders continue lying through their teeth. Rather than stating names of who I think are lying, I rather say less but state my contentions openly.


So, the sodomy cases are now in place again. Art of distraction? I really dunno. I am sure the country will hold its breathe now. I am certain the incumbent will spread malicious lies soon. Who do I believe? No one really. My focus is nation building. I want to contribute to the country. I want to speak my mind about what the country should be focusing on....I am sure we have various issues on hand. Get your act together , brothers and sisters.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

My weekends ......

Weekends are getting very precious. For instance, I started to work at 845 am today till now. Sacrifices are worthwhile and it's very important that this is done with good faith. For now, I just can't wait to have my dinner.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The battle cry is on ... .

"If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles."- Sun Tzu

It's now or never for the future of my children and their children's children. I am not going to be cowed with threats of isolation and separation. It's time for all to stand up against injustice without the threat of violence. It's time to learn more about your enemy. If you read my lines, let it be known that violence gets nowhere. Only listening and learning silently, waiting for the time to pounce.

For those who have chosen the incumbents, do reconsider your stand.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Let's us all be reminded ....

"Land developers are the ones who are always forced to 'pay money' to the government departments but they cannot say anything because they rely on them for approval. Our land title system, the law is almost perfect. But it's the people, the corruption and the justice system has not helped." here for more

Sometimes we forget. Sometimes we think that there was never a chance that we can make any difference. For once in many years, we have now taken over our rights that were rightfully ours. We are no longer bullied to a corner and pushed there and be a silent observer. The last 100 days seemed long and worrying. I am certain that justice and democracy will prevail. Whether it is the ruling government or otherwise, my rights as a citizen has returned back to me, finally!

Tsk tsk tsk

Sometimes I wonder country before politics or politics before country. It's far becoming a farce when you read of news that are coming out from many places. Politicians tend to act irrationally and I believe there were instances that these folks tend to be carried away. Anyway, we will leave it as it's.

Oh yes - Penangnites - say bye bye to PORR and Monorail as these projects are being called off. I am sure there are many reasons why this is being done but the country is saving the best for last- literally. Again, questionable efforts by many quarters to get these projects shelved but I believe a change on the top especially those nitwits governing the country ought to happen. Without a clear and decisive idea of what lies ahead, our future is now being pawned to the perils of the rise of oil prices. I wonder if they know about this.

I had lunch with a Managing Director yesterday. He asked "What do you think will happen in 6 month's time?" A tough question that required me to think hard before answering. I just answered " Elections are over. Time to regroup and act as one nation." After today, I am certain this Government is no longer my government. I am no longer believing in their views and directions. I am no longer able to live to the fact that my tax paying role has come to this point where I will now be questioning how they spend our money. As for my state, I trust they will do a great job. Private enterprises will see my state government as a beacon in the darkess times.

Again, tsk tsk tsk to you Mister Prime Minister. That is not slandering but a mere metophorical expression :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wonderful article

I have met Anil before and I must admit that I am amazed by humbleness and simplicity in his views. This article is a classic and I must say the parallelism between Penang Turf Club and Selangor Turf Club is so eerily close. Could there be a conspiracy theory between the clubs' committee members? I really don't know. You read and be amazed.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Seriously, I think this latest announcement will send shivers into many environmentalists who may be against the use of nuclear as an alternative to fuel to generate energy for the country. Maybe a little reminder of this to stir things up.
As long as the government plays its watch dog role well, cases like this will not happen. However, we need to ensure that there is a proper check and balance in the idea of using nuclear alternative. The issue here is this - why just nuclear? Why not solar energy or even looking into hydro electric - Bakun continues to be mystifiable and of course, we will never know why. I really wonder!


Seriously, I think this latest announcement will send shivers into many environmentalists who may be against the use of nuclear as an alternative to fuel to generate energy for the country. Maybe a little reminder of this to stir things up.
As long as the government plays its watch dog role well, cases like this will not happen. However, we need to ensure that there is a proper check and balance in the idea of using nuclear alternative. The issue here is this - why just nuclear? Why not solar energy or even looking into hydro electric - Bakun continues to be mystifiable and of course, we will never know why. I really wonder!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Has it started?

Has the second Tsunami started? Since March 8, the Federal Government has somehow been distracted by all possible areas that continue to weaken the BN coalition. I am certain that this coalition has never faced such predicament since 1969. Nevertheless, it's my hope that the turbulence within the political structure in this country will not increase in its intensity. The Pakatan Government has been rather focused on administrating the states.

I am sure there will be many distractions but further erosion of BN's power base may force AAB to possibly deprieve the Pakatan alternative government to grab power via mass defections. I am skeptical if this mass defections will ever materialize. If it does, AAB will definitely have to go for a possible snap election on the federal government or surrender the helm of power to the Pakatan.

Whether it has started or not, the current Federal Government must start folding up their sleeves to work for the rakyat and with the rakyat. Of course, of late, the gestures shown are quite suspect but I hope BN acts Malaysian rather than divisive. Malaysians must continue to speak up. I believe that the worse is yet to come and we as Malaysians, must start preparation to face the rise of prices across the board. What can we do if our mandated leaders at the Federal Government continues to be distracted and fight for power amongst themselves? I am sure you would agree that we need a decisive government. Not one that acts on technicality and speaks like a typical racist.

A peek of what is to come:

No-confidence call a serious blow to Pak Lah
Jun 18, 08 4:17pm
The call by
Sabah Progressive Party (Sapp) for a vote of no confidence against the prime
minister has delivered a serious blow to the embattled Barisan Nasional
Analysts said the unprecedented move compounded Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's problems after disastrous March elections, and
that it could trigger a ripple effect of dissent within the 14-party
"We have lost confidence in the Prime Minister of Malaysia,
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi," Sapp president Yong Teck Lee told a press
Yong said the party, which has two lawmakers in parliament, would
decide on Friday whether to quit the BN coalition, and demanded major
concessions from the government.
He left open the prospect of joining the opposition alliance led by former deputy premier Anwar Ibrahim, who has ambitions of forming a new administration with the help of defecting government lawmakers.
"Whoever would agree with our issues here, we will work with (them), inside and outside of Sabah," he said.
Yong attacked the coalition's
record in the impoverished state, saying it had been subject to unfair laws and
excessive taxes.
"That is why we need an immediate declaration of no
confidence in the PM and the government, to tell the BN government that we can
no longer tolerate their insensitive attitude towards the Sabah issues that are
real and serious."
Fighting for political survival
Abdullah has been
fighting for his political survival since the March elections that saw the
opposition gain unprecedented ground, winning a third of parliamentary seats and
control of five states.
A recent 41 percent petrol price hike, which has
triggered widespread outrage and public protests, has made Abdullah's position
even more tenuous.
Yong listed demands including the diversion of energy
revenues coming from the resource-rich state.
"With our political move today,
Sapp hereby initiates the political process to claim 20 percent in oil
royalties, which is after all the natural resources of Sabah," he said.
must make a stand before the window of opportunity closes," he said, raising the
prospect of a no-confidence vote when the parliament opens on Monday, but adding
it was not decided if his party or another would table the motion.
Sapp is a minor member of the coalition. But analysts said its
decision could be the tipping point for the government, which now relies on
support from lawmakers in Sabah and Sarawak.
"This will have a ripple effect.
Public perception, both nationally and internationally, will be affected because
the prime minister will be perceived as a weak leader," said Tricia Yeoh (right)
from the Centre for Public Policy Studies.
"This might provoke other
lawmakers, who are equally dissatisfied with Abdullah, even those internally
from the Umno party itself, to act," she said, referring to the party which
heads the coalition.
The premier has refused to step down after the
coalition's worst ever election results, but he faces a major hurdle at Umno
internal leadership polls in December, when dissatisfaction could bubble
over.Historic move
Umno's information chief Muhammad Muhammad Taib shrugged
off Sapp's move and said he did not expect other coalition parties to
"Although there are many who are dissatisfied, we will pull through,"
he told AFP.
Anwar's PKR has said it was reluctant to mount a no-confidence
vote for fear of appearing arrogant. But it said the latest events were proof
that the coalition's internal crisis was worsening.
"Monday's parliament
session will definitely be fiery. If a motion is moved against Abdullah, it will
be historic. Never has a Malaysian prime minister faced a no-confidence vote,"
said party information chief Tian Chua, who is MP for Batu.

Let's hope sanity prevails.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Time to roll up my sleeves

Thanks to those who are following my blog. Obviously, I tend to write stuff that are very general and lack of details. I guess that was done for a purpose only known to me. However, today, I am going to comment on the importance of having a sound Federal Government to help the country recover marginally from the current doldrum that they are in right now. From Perlis to the corners of Sabah, Malaysians are now faced with rising cost of fuel and slow business opportunities due to poor demand.

Are we in the recession now? We are not seriously. Although it may seem that the Malaysian economy has reached a peak level last year, these growth numbers may be due to the massive development to drive growth in this country.

What needs to be done :
1. Control inflation. Institute the monetary policy by increasing interest rates.
2. Implement open tendering system to enable vendors to bid for projects and allowing free market force to cascade the value of money into the economy.

Read on...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Penang State Symphony Orchestra and Chorus

I had the opportunity to interact with members of the Penang State Symphony Orchestra and Chorus (PSSOC). Obviously, it was great to listen to the chorus group singing away at an official function some days ago. One thing that struck me was the great talents that came with it and how important we nurture talents like these. I am sure we may say that western styled music is typically western and holds no bearing to our Malaysian culture. Nevertheless, I dare to differ on that view. If it's really western styled music, we need to make sure that we are continuously forging forward to upgrade our own Malaysian culture. I strongly believe our culture has a mixture of various elements and I really believe western classical music has strong influence on us.

I really hope Malaysians will support the efforts of these folks. I know many private corporations are and I hope the new government will see this too

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Trading barbs in the press continues....

The recent bards being traded between Koh and Lim's folks are really entertaining. While they trade blows with each other, I will like to draw your attention to the severity of the issues of investment and bad press which Malaysia faces right now. I am sure for all great intent and purposes, credit is to be given to the people of Penang and Malaysia. Now, the worse thing that can happen is to read a recent report from MasterCard Worldwide Centers of Commerce Index 2008 where it shows Kuala Lumpur(Malaysia) ranking has dropped from 38 position to 50 between 2007 and 2008.

Now - now, if really things were so rosy, why are we seeing this shortfall ? I am not sure but I believe the major indicator is doing business within Malaysia. I am amazed one would sit for 2 - 3 years to wait for a project to develop. It takes 45 licenses to start a factory. It takes equally the same amount for any new startup. So what is happening to the delivery system? Has it been addressed? I am amazed that our politicians who are in power within the Federal Govt is still not addressing this issue. Maybe it's high time we as a country look into this. Rather than an individual taking credit of his / her efforts in bringing in the investment. It's like padding a sampan on a rough flowing river with no paddles at all. Strange but true...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The journey begins

Hi...appeared in a local chinese news daily.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Enough lar

With due respect to Dr. Koh, I think it is time for him to stop commenting too much about the previous government's efforts to draw investment into Penang. I guess the discussion could continue further the days when Sir Francis Light founded Penang and how important Sir Francis was for Penang.

In his latest "PR" (public relation and not pakatan rakyat) exercise, I am still scratching my head. I use to be in the corporate environment and investment decisions don't take so long. I think it has a lot to do with these factors when one company chooses to do foreign investment:

1. Political stability
2. Public safety
3. Ease of doing business

Now - Dr. Koh commented "It has not even been 100 days yet since the March 8 polls. However, I would like to stress that ultimately, it is the people’s fight-ing spirit and global economic conditions that determine how we perform – not so much the government.” Sure.....then what happened to the previous government during those months of absence. Run the state till issues like PGCC and land scams went unnoticed? Dr. Koh - admit it lar - you were not hands on enough to get things right. You were under the control of the other major component party and you forgot about the people. I am sure you would know what I am talking about.

Lets be honest - even political appointment of BN individuals are now being seen as an act of treason. I strongly suggest Dr.Koh validates the intention of MIDA to work closely with the Penang State Government. Are they sincere themselves? Are they willing to cut the red tape and work for the interest of the people? Dr Koh - you must address this from now till 2013. I think you are continuing to say one thing and do something different.

Until Gerakan explains its stand on why nothing was done on PGCC and other issues, I like the other thousands will vote otherwise, now and even worse in 2013.

Dr Koh said "“If you keep bashing someone in the face and then turn around and say you want to work with them, it will be very difficult." Are you sure or not Dr Koh? I think you are referring to the BN government right? I don't see other state government asking an opposition memberto be in the committee isn't it? Susah lar ... he said, she said, all say - Shut up!

Tsk Tsk Tsk - Sounds like VietCongs operating in the early 60s

Jimadie Shah Othman & Rahmah Ghazali | Jun 6, 08 5:35pm

Muhammad Muhd Taib has been alleged to have instructed a group of village heads and village development and security committees (JKKKs) in Selangor to “mess up” the state administration, said a PKR source.


The rural and regional land development minister and Selangor Umno head has purportedly held a meeting in a Shah Alam hotel not long after he was appointed a minister in March.

It is believed that during the meeting, Muhd Taib outlined several guidelines for the village heads and JKKK members to undertake, the source told Malaysiakini.

mat taibAccording to the source, a village head who attended the meeting told him that Muhd Taib asked those present not to take any instructions from the state secretary or district officers.

“But do not resign. Just collect your allowance. If they (the state government) won’t give money to you, the federal government will,” the source claimed Muhd Taib as saying.

Recently, Muhd Taib told Parliament that the federal government has to deploy Federal JKKKs in the five states led by Pakatan “to ensure the effectiveness of development projects” undertaken in those states.

The minister also charged that the four new Pakatan state governments in power since March 8, have “acted aggressively” by appointing new officers in government agencies.

The source added that Muhd Taib was planning to streamline the JKKK administration at federal level by appointing new district administrators in the Pakatan-led states..

Asked why the minister was doing it, the source responded, “perhaps (he wanted) to channel the funds to JKKKs from the federal level.”

Regain Selangor

The minister was also said to push all the JKKK members to work hard in order to regain Selangor for the BN.

“He concluded that all the members must work hard to win back Selangor,” said the source.

At the meeting, Muhd Taib also allegedly said that Pakatan de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim should not be made prime minister because he is “(committing treason) by selling the country”.

“Don’t let Anwar lead (Malaysia). He wants to sell our country. That’s the reason why (Dr) Mahathir (Mohamad) sacked him,” claimed the source.

The Umno leader also accused Pakatan of harbouring a socialist ideology and no longer fighting for the Malays, unlike Umno.

“Pakatan is a socialist party, that’s why they wanted to collaborate with Parti Rakyat (Malaysia). Pakatan is not a nationalist party like Umno,” said the source, claiming the information was given to him a day after the meeting.

Recently, Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim said Selangor was ready to appoint village and JKKK heads, including from Umno, if they were willing to serve the people.

Looking for a job on

If you love to write, enjoy talking and yapping away about politics - why not consider a full time job with the Rocket. They are hiring and they want a few good persons! Check this out ya?

USD150 per barrel by July

CNN carried a story on Malaysia - pain at the pump in Malaysia..... I lament the fact that we are currently a net exporter and yet we are saddled with the higher prices for our petrol! I am sure when July comes and the price jumps to USD150/barrel, lets see how we should demand the government to change their lavish lifestyle instead of asking us to change ours? Come on - we are not "budak budak kecil" (small kids). I think we deserve better than this, really we do!

Mr PM - I urge you to come out and appease the people. Announcing the increase is just one of your ways to do things for the best of the country. Explain to us why Malaysia is paying so much for its oil - I sense we tend to compare Singapore and Malaysia.....but I think Malaysia is a net exporter and Singapore - a net importer. So is this an apple to apple comparison?

While you fly on your big jet from one place to another and your inability to answer to the recent question of the cost to the people, I strongly suggest you take the buses (if there is any) or even taxis and travel along the KL highway. Maybe then you will understand why 49% voted against you!

2 am debacle

I am getting sick and tired of pre -manufactured statements and I think I have had enough bullshit at 2 am tonite. I think it's time to shut down and move along with life. I don't believe the people's interest is at heart...PERIOD. Mr. PM, although I openly tell you that I didn't vote for you but I think you should have been working through many weekends to pre-empt everyone about this price increase. Nasi sudah bubur. I have given up!

PUTRAJAYA, June 6 — The government will announce details on four swift measures by early next week aimed at easing the burden on consumers as a result of the recent sharp increase in fuel prices and electricity tariffs, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said today.

In a meeting with senior editors here, he said the four measures entailed cost-saving measures by government departments and agencies, expanding the social safety net for people in the lower income bracket and under-privileged groups like single mothers and the handicapped, enlarging the list of controlled items to keep costs down, and improving public transport like putting more buses on the roads.

Abdullah said the government was extremely mindful of the burden on the people as a result of the price increases on fuel and electricity tariffs.

He said raising fuel prices and electricity tariffs was not something that the government liked to do but it had to bite the bullet now to prepare for the long-term benefit of the nation and future generations.

Abdullah said government officials entrusted with working out the details would be working over the weekend so that they could be announced early next week.

Elaborating on the measures, he said the government's cost-cutting effort would include reducing overseas travel and the number of officials involved and such savings would be used in other areas to benefit the people.

As for expanding the social safety net, he said this would mean enlarging the threshold to cover more people who were in the lower income and under-privileged groups.

Citing an example, he said there were already schoolchildren getting free school uniform and meals and enlarging the number would mean more would benefit.

Abdullah said that with the government recognising the likelihood of increased food prices following the increased fuel prices and electricity tariffs, the number of essential items on the price control list would be expanded to keep costs down.

Such a move would ensure that the people would not be heavily burdened by higher food prices, he said.

Abdullah said there were other areas that the government was looking at aimed at reducing the burden on Malaysians affected.

He also announced the establishment of a National Inflation Council comprising members from both the government and private sectors. It would hold its first meeting on Monday. — Bernama

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lifestyle change

Imagine the thought of going to work using public transportation? I believe many of my Singaporean friends and Malaysians working in Malaysia continue to use buses and MRTs to commute to work. It's really a simple lifestyle where the island continues to prosper because they are Singapore.Inc. Are we ready to become Penang.Inc one day? I guess the reality is this - our past leaders do not see a need to build good transportation system but instead spent time pondering on building tallest buildings, biggest and longest buffets....I dread when I think of that each day.

With the hike in petrol and diesel, I am very sure that all of us have to start thinking about how we should change our lifestyle. Well, for one, I will be commuting to work using public buses. I know it sounds crazy but it's time to consider that. I am sure we all have to make serious sacrifices but it's for the better. Secondly, it's time to cut down on eating out. Maybe it's time to cook lunch to work and heat it up whenever lunch approaches.

One question - did we make a wrong choice of the federal government? Of course, Yes. Anyway, since 7 June is our King's birthday, let's pray that sanity prevails. Daulat Tuanku.

In 10 days time ...

In ten days time, it's good to see how well the current state governments as well as federal government has achieved. What were the results shown by the federal government since March 8 2008?Seriously, I see more "wranggling" for positions; giving goodies to East Malaysia for their support; MIC/Gerakan/MCA trying to act "opposition" to show the reasons why they lost and that they are doing that to win back support.
As for the Pakatan states, contrary to many, they faired well. The states seem to offer better packages that safeguard their constituents future and less politiking to get things done. I am sure when 10 days come by, I will be watching for Sept 16. I am not sure if Anwar can pull this off but I believe he has the numbers .... but will these folks jump ship?
Anyway, Obama's race to the White House is near in sight. I have a slight gut feel that this man will be the next President of the United States. However, it will not be in the next 10 take care ......

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. It has been an interesting first week of work. Finally, it's walking my talk and talking to investors and close associates sure gives me a breathe of fresh air ... It's 1 am right now and I have just finished a speech. Strangely, the speech prepared earlier holds no connotation to the mud slinging between the state and the federal government. Sometimes I wonder why losers are so sore when they lost badly. After all, the country needs a clearer path or directioon and if they decide not to do so, I believe int the power of one - no more no less. Nevertheless, I am going to bed now....

I will take some pictures of what I do if you are curious.....:)