Sunday, September 28, 2008

A proud moment for all of the people around the world

China is now in space.........

A proud moment for all.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Penangnites ... lets unite and stand together

I must applaude the efforts taken by the new government of Penang. I am sure it's very consultative on issues that are more pertinent to the state. I am very certain that each and everyone of us must voice our concerns louder than before. I urge all of us to start spreading the words around....crime is not a place in Penang....we are out to get you...

Read this and remember this number if crime were to strike!
SMS with Rakancop hotline 32728. Police hotlines to contact are 04-269 1999 and 012-490 0999.

Penang Bridge International Marathon

I was caught unaware when HHH called my wife to talk and informed her about Penang Marathon. Seriously, it was due to some "technical" problems that the initial announcement was to cancel it. After that, weeks later, the marathon was back again. Hence, I am using my blog to promote this event.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CM's human side

Let's not forget about the unfortunate. I felt that this picture brings a thousand words about the human side of CM of Penang. I was moved and touched when I heard about his down to earth outpouring of grief. No macho attitude. Purely sincere and down to earth.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lets not forget

Let's not forget the faith that we all have. At times of darkness, it is faith and the believe in god that will carry us through those difficult times. I am sure you have read many postings about Anti-ISA. I must admit the most touching one was this one....please read on...

My new office

Just a preview of my new office domain...

Theresa is free...

Theresa is free, at last. I knew somewhat her arrest had a lot of bearings to the recent upheaval within UMNO. I guess a good government will stand the test of challenges. I am sure someone blinked and I am glad Theresa is out. One thing...can someone ask this guy to shut up? You go figure which fella I am talking about. One who opposes ISA but did nothing.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Malaysia Day

One word sums it up


I am proud of my friend

I saw one of my friends on the Internet - KB on Malaysiakini. I guess he is walking his talk like many Malaysians across the country. He called me on the mobile yesterday and I am glad he is voicing his views against ISA. My take - wear a yellow ribbon.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Penang leads...penang has it all

I am certain that many of us didn't turn up at the Esplanade last nite but I must commend those who did. All walks of life turned up considering the risk that looms on a desparate government that could probably invoke their authority to get the men in blue to arrest a few. Nevertheless, I am glad many did. See here for more information. Kudos to Malaysians who did. Wear a ribbon or black for the next week or so. I know I am.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A strange SMS

I got this from an unknown which I thought it was funny. It reads

If your life is in danger, please get 'arrested' under ISA. Coverage is limited to 16 hours only. Interested parties are advised to contact our Special Agent, Syed Albar for a detailed summary, terms and condition. Source : Insuran Skim Ajaib. Reporters get priority.

Save a prayer

Picture taken from TheMalaysianInsider
Thousands across Malaysia, folks of different religions are praying for the ISA detainees. Has our Government lost its sense of direction where actions are taken based upon heresay and prejudice? I am saddened that today we have been galvanised by one to hurt the feelings of many. I urge all to be restraint in their words and actions. Say less but listen more. Hate less but love more. After all, the fabric of this nation depends solely on the formula of multi-culturalism. Nothing more .... nothing less.

New blog

Hi! As promised, my journal will be at It's only by invitation and I hope readers whom I know will write to me to include you in. I have 10 names included already and I think many of you share the same aspirations that I have for many of the issues around us. It transcend across party lines and it gives a good reflection of what I do everyday as well as show the human element of the people I am working with. Obviously, many of the details will only be revealed as I plan to write a book/journal at the end of my tenure with the "people" I work with. As I continue to walk my talk, continue to visit my blogs. I use them to share my very inner feelings of what goes around. If you think you have anything to contribute, feel free to write to me, okay? Adios and have a great weekend.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


My boss suggested that I keep a journal of the days of my work with him. I am sure this will capture a fairly good representation of what I do daily. Hence, I will continue to write this blog and if you wish to be included in the list, do let me know. I will be shutting the blog from public viewing and allow only those who have subscribed to my current blog. I will take his suggestion seriously....nevertheless, 3 persons have been detained under ISA. So what is next?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A new member of the party

Do read further to understand the thoughts of a new apolitical figure who decided to join DAP. Interesting interview and thoughts shared.

Warning .. warning..mad cow patients on the loose

3 years ban for saying something seditious? Come on can do better than this. I am sure you have all this planned out with your wayang kulit and theaterical story line. Now we have Tun M back into the party, would that make any difference? After all, he made a mistake appointing the current leadership and today he wants to undo it? Undo it by supporting a racist who continue to rant his mouth in public? I am sure Malaysians are pissed off with BN. We know the overall objectives of BN are to be the mouthpiece of the people, standing for the rights of all and pursuing the course of positivity. Bah....I think that is just cakap cakap only. I am extremely dissapointed. Very dissapointed.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

PGCC - as good as dead

I am thrilled today that this project is finally gone. I am sure many Penangnites were rather skeptical judging from the sms messages sent all over the country but once and for all, the project is done and over. Time out has been called and I am glad that this came at the best time when Malaysia is about to celebrate its Malaysia Day on 16 September. I am sure it's a day where I hope someone would plagarize and speak in this manner
"I want Malaysians to live the next 4 years that they wish they had never lived the last 20 years before" - Unknown orator

Maybe this is taking it too much but I am glad that this project is over and done with. Take care folks!

Monday, September 1, 2008

I am a squatter

So I am now a squatter. After 40 years living in this country, I have been said I am a squatter. Even if politicians tend to shoot from the hips, I believe I am a squatter. I am squatter who paid my taxes yearly; exercise my rights as a voter and of course, contribute to the country's Merdeka celebration by displaying the country's flag. S0, I am indeed a squatter. A squatter of the 21st century Malaysia. I am indeed a squatter and I guess my votes meant nothing. Guess what, I am glad I voted these bastards out of office. You continue to be brown nosing the UMNOs who practises racial politics and call me a damm squatter. Sure, I will squat on you who said we are a squatter. Let it be known " I will not let the next 4 years be what I will like my country to be the last 8 years - Obama". Let me curi a bit - " I will not let the next decade be what I will like my county be the last 20 years"

Go jump into the lake - you racialistic bastards!

Merdeka-Part 2

September 16? Well, personally, I have less faith that this date would mean a new federal government with words that some BN members of parliament will cross over. Nevertheless, after attending the dinner to thank Permatang Pauh's voters, it's very apparent that Dato Seri Anwar is very confident that the future is very clear for the Pakatan Rakyat component. I am not sure if this is going to happen but I captured some sights and scene as well as a video for you to preview. Jom - UBAH!