Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some Minister can be very "kurang ajar"

I am not pinpointing anybody or any Minister but words uttered by certain individual can be very the "kurang ajar". I am not pintpointing anybody so to speak and I am sure the issue is going to be discussed and beaten up until kingdom come. Nevertheless, at times like this, if you are the Minister, let the course of law takes its precedence. The truth will prevail. However, certain Minister seems to open their big fat mouth indiscriminately and continues to hurt those who have been constantly hurt. Jom - let's have another March 8. This time it is going for the finale.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On party hopping....

So ... what happens here...months ago, Perak MB swore that he will bring down the government in Perak by August 31 2008. Months have passed but the BN MSM has been hitting on DSAI for his failed Sept 16. So, he accepted it and now we have BN reps saying party hopping is bad if it is from BN to PR. Aiyo yo...
See the irony? Good to have the CM to say this here...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I wonder who cares about the retrenched nowadays? I know these folks do!

I am certain that many of us are pretty much worried about the current global uncertainties. Being a Penangite, it is also my worries to know that some of my friends and colleagues are going to be affected. I am sure you will agree that the existing Federal Government has not shown much acceptance to the fact that the Malaysian economy has somewhat tanked and more stimulus package must be introduced. I am proud that certain Malaysian job seeking companies are doing their Corporate Citizenship lately and who knows may have given lifeline to many who have been retrenched. Check out this site....
I hope more state governments would do the same to help at least lessen the uncertainties of their citizens. Again, Penang leads and it is a good effort. Again, kudos!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dear Tony - AirAsia

Since the whole administration is saying that they are not sure if Labu@East is good idea, can I suggest this? Dato Seri, take a flight to Bayan Lepas. Come up to Level 28 and speak to Lim Guan Eng about seriously embarking on the LCCT in Penang. Reach out to the Penangites and move the LCCT here. I am sure many Malaysians will see you in a better light. Right now, no offense Dato Seri, you are like a corporate player being pushed around by indecisive fat government decision makers who probably spend more time at the golf courses. Why should you go over to see Tun M? Is he so influential?
Seriously, with due respect, do what you think is right. Thousands of Malaysians are pissed and fed up with the attitude of various so called leaders in this country. So, why resort yourself to become a beggar? Talk to those who are keen? You probably have walked up the steps at Bayan Lepas International Airport? Is this the state of an International Airport? Is this what you want folks from Macau to see since you have just launched the flight?
I write this without any malice and I ask you to do the right thing. Fuck Labu@East. It shows how inconsistent one can get when the need is there. I am not implying that Labu@East is a wasteful project. Stop wasting time with these fucked up bureaucrats and step up to the challenge. You can be the agent of change for Penang. So what are you waiting for Dato Seri?
In short, stop the pathetic lobbying and be a real Malaysian. Come to Penang. After all, change is underway there and Putrajaya, ah...fuck it lar.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


"If the rise and success of president-to-be-Obama was inspired by the lives of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, and the dreams they dreamt, surely the dreams and aspirations of our multi-racial fathers and forefathers can inspire a similar event in this country - Twafik Ismail

Yes we can!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Change we must

Change we must ... Let's renew our faith and focus on the big picture -PUTRAJAYA

As the country awaits...

It is again the same feeling I had in Permatang Pauh. Neither here nor there. Nevertheless, I was here in Penang and Permatang Pauh was 30 mins away. Kuala Terengganu is 1 hour by flight away and it is not easy to gauge the sentiments. I called up Anil Netto to see how things are progressing. He gave his predictions and I respected it. I believe it is the same throughout the country. The second March 8 in progress after this? DPM would never dare to call for a snap election.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Issues of immigrants

Kuala Terengganu continues to rock like Elvis Presley. Thanks to certain person calling Chinese immigrants, the outcome of the coming by-elections there would be devastating for UMNO/BN. Today is the 72 hours syndrome - it will be the deciding point for Malaysian politics and we shall witness another Tsunami of March 8. I am predicting 2000 votes majority for PAS so help me god!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Have you visited Penang?

Seriously, have you visited Penang? Many of us would know have known such a site existed but here here for Visit Penang.
I am certain that the best is yet to come. SO enjoy ya?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Penang all the way!

New York Times has nominated Penang as one of the 44 Destinations in the world to visit for 2009.

Based on New York Times own recommendation, Penang is ranked 22nd.

It is open for world population to vote their recommendation too!
Penang is now ranked at 33rd. Lets use the power of 4,000 Penangites here to bring up the ranking of Penang!!!!

Vote for Penang at

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ahem...Mr okay ah?

I believe politics has somewhat taken a front seat and the coming by-elections at Kuala Terengganu gives light to the potential shortfall of a possible loss by BN. Obviously, I am not there but I have heard of the strong winds blowing in the lands of the turtles. Well, for that at least which is far better than the hot air blown by statements made by his honorable Malaysian Industrial & Trade Minister. Why say this ah? Yesterday, Mr Minister said " Interna-tional Trade and Industry Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has challenged Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to show proof the state had secured RM10bil worth of foreign direct investments (FDI) since the change of government last March"
Ah....hmmm.....not taking any sides, let's pay a visit to the MIDA website - I don't know. I think while it feels good to hit on some facts with a strong note.....but I am certain that if we were to look at the numbers closely, the numbers for 2008 were closed till Oct 2008 at RM9.5Billion. Whether it is the efforts of the current state government or not, my guess is this - it still goes to show that investors are still confident of Malaysia and if they are not towards Penang, these numbers would have gone South, wouldn't it?

S0, whether who did what...I think history goes to show that the Penangites for one have gone "sian" with the last government. Why? Simply sucumbing to political patronage and unable to focus on closing deals that are so very vital for the state. So , if they were to just allow the previous CM to make his calls and decisions, don't you think we will still be seeing YAB Dr.Koh Tsu Koon still running the state? I guess Penangites are not so dumb. While we acknowledge their hardwork, it goes to say that the previous administration did not how to follow through on matters. It is simply based on my 20 years of sales experience. My first job was being a medical representative. I took over the area of a salesperson who had low sales but lots of contracts and opportunities in the open. Since I was taking over his job, I looked over his barang barang and did some follow through. I guess I was successful and I still acknowledge him.

So, I think the MITI Minister should focus on what ticks - sure the federal govt gives all the goodies. However, I still think our taxpaying money should be apportioned to the state so that the state becomes self reliant and allow more autonomy to the state. That as a voter, I will like to see. Imagine we have a certain percentage of our funds to the state, I think the issue of who did what ... will be minimize? So, BN supporters, are you game for that?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

So what is going on in Kuala Terengganu?

I was not there but I am giving insights of what is going on. Things that you will never read on the enjoy reading as this could represent what will be a turning point of the elections or .....

My prediction

I will like to share my prediction. PAS will win by 1500 votes.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tough words from behind the prison camp's wall

I have been following Uthayakumar's journey for sometime now. I must say that this is a fine example of a person who continues to walk his talk. I must give this credit to him for being persistent and foward looking in terms of his views. I am certain he will meet his objectives but not for now. I am hopeful one day, history will see him differently. What touched me was this is thought provoking and defiant to the very end. Again to Uthayakumar's family, Malaysians from all walks of life, color and relligion stand by the father and husband of the family. I am certain the end is near for his struggle where he will see his light.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Trash reporting AT ITS BEST

I sometimes wonder if Penang is considered a pariah of the nation. Obviously, the main contributor to exports of Malaysia, NST continues to write trash beyond recognition. I am certain to certain Federal Government political party, Penang is trash to them. I am sure Penangites wouldn't want to see another trash government that controls dingy press that reflects bad on Penang. I am certain I will stop reading DINGY Trash reporting. I am in total disagreement that Johor will be fine during this economic turbulent. Eh, didn't the DPM said that Malaysia will not be affected? What kind of SCREWED up assessment is this? If the national press can continue writing dingy trash, I will speak without the fear of being "vulgar and disgusted". After all, I voted out the last government and I will continue to vote against them. DINGY TRASH REPORTING. LONG LIVE THE INTERNET REPORTING.



No to civil servants as Penang councillors
Athi Veranggan Jan 3, 09
Civil servants will no longer be appointed as local councillors or
heads of local municipalities in Penang under a new directive from the Pakatan
Rakyat state government. Instead, politicians will be appointed in their
The move will take effect by end of this month when the state
government makes a fresh annual appointment of councillors for Penang island
under the Pulau Pinang Municpal Council (MPPP) and for the mainland under the
Seberang Perai Municipal Council (MPSP).
The new step to replace civil
servants with politicians is said to be towards restoring the ‘third vote’ or
local government elections.
Both councils, with 25 councillors each, are
currently headed by civil servants.
MPPP, meanwhile, has two councillors as
heads of the northeast and southwest districts while MPSP has three councillors
as heads of the Seberang Perai Utara, Tengah and Selatan districts.
The new
policy effectively means that the current presidents of the councils and the
five district officers would be replaced by politicians from the ruling Pakatan
Rakyat coalition, thus making Penang the first state to drop civil servants as
Political appointees increase
At a press conference today,
co-chairperson the state-level liaison committee, also known as the Penang
Pakatan Rakyat Council (PPRC), Chow Kon Yeow revealed that the failure of
district officers to attend municipal council meetings regularly, thus
disrupting operations and the decision-making process considerably, were the
main reasons behind the latest decision.
He added that since municipalities
were local governments accountable to the public, politicians were the ideal
choices to helm them.
Apart from seven NGO appointees – four on the island
and three on the mainland - the new Pakatan policy will see the numbers of
political appointees in the two local councils increasing from current 36 to 43
with 21 in MPPP and 22 in MPSP.
Gerakan state chief Dr Teng Hock Nan and,
Penaga assemblyperson and state Umno secretary Azhar Ibrahim were last
politicians to become presidents of MPPP and MPSP respectively.
servants began to head both councils since 2000.
Sources said PKR planned to
have one man, Balik Pulau division head Mansor Othman as the head of MPSP under
a power-sharing concept that would see DAP helming the MPPP.
Paya Terubong
assemblyperson Yeoh Soon Hin, who is currently also an MPPP councillor, is
touted to become the new MPPP president.
Opposition party Gerakan, in its
recent report card on the performance of Pakatan Rakyat councillors, rated Yeoh
as ‘the worst councillor’ for allegedly not being easily accessible to the
public and for failure to carry out his duties effectively.
Liaison committee
set up
Chow hit back today saying the Gerakan report card was a deliberate
move to belittle the performance of Pakatan councillors.
"The report was
biased, unfair and politically-motivated," he said.
During the meeting today,
the coalition leaders also decided to replace five of the current seven
councillors appointed last April from among the non-government organisations
(NGOs) with new five NGO representatives.
The NGO councillors are to be
replaced mainly due to poor performance.
Meanwhile, Penang has become the
first state to formalise the coalition’s state-level liaison committee – PPRC –
which will have three co-chairpersons comprising representatives from DAP, PKR
and PAS.
Each party will have seven representatives on the PPRC and a
secretariat will soon be operational for the public’s convenience.
Apart from
Chow, PKR state chief Zahrain Mohd Hashim and PAS state commissioner Mohd Salleh
Man are the other two PPRC co-chairpersons.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Komtar Walk

So who says Penang is not a cool place? I am sure many of you would agree that Penang has never seen such a big crowd converging onto this little island. No thanks to bad and reactive planning of traffic management years ago, Penangites are waking to the reality that many Malaysians are now trying to save dollars from travelling overseas and instead visit Penang.

Need to leave you with a picture of Komtar Walk! Yes folks - Komtar Walk which was unimaginable years ago but today , it is being dreamt about by Pacific Store. I hope that these efforts will pay off. After all, all of us are walking our talk!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My wish for 2009

My wish is to see a total dismemberment of the political patronage in this country. It is time to pray for equality amongst the people of Malaysia, without references or credences to race, culture or relligion. It is now time to move the country to a new beginning where political patronage must cease to exist. Even man, woman in this country must now embody themselves not based on ethnicity but on the fundamentals of equality in race and relligion. Any political party with political patronage must cease to exist in the next elections and let the differences be spoken in public and differences be settled by dialogues and non-violence.

I am not making any references to any political parties because politics is a game of uncertainty. You will never know what comes next. Hence, it is time to speak out. Speak out in your church, speak out in your office, speak out at dinner or lunch tables, speak out at public forums, speak to your children. POLITICAL PATRONAGE MUST END. That is my wish for 2009.