Thursday, January 1, 2009

My wish for 2009

My wish is to see a total dismemberment of the political patronage in this country. It is time to pray for equality amongst the people of Malaysia, without references or credences to race, culture or relligion. It is now time to move the country to a new beginning where political patronage must cease to exist. Even man, woman in this country must now embody themselves not based on ethnicity but on the fundamentals of equality in race and relligion. Any political party with political patronage must cease to exist in the next elections and let the differences be spoken in public and differences be settled by dialogues and non-violence.

I am not making any references to any political parties because politics is a game of uncertainty. You will never know what comes next. Hence, it is time to speak out. Speak out in your church, speak out in your office, speak out at dinner or lunch tables, speak out at public forums, speak to your children. POLITICAL PATRONAGE MUST END. That is my wish for 2009.

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