Sunday, January 4, 2009

Trash reporting AT ITS BEST

I sometimes wonder if Penang is considered a pariah of the nation. Obviously, the main contributor to exports of Malaysia, NST continues to write trash beyond recognition. I am certain to certain Federal Government political party, Penang is trash to them. I am sure Penangites wouldn't want to see another trash government that controls dingy press that reflects bad on Penang. I am certain I will stop reading DINGY Trash reporting. I am in total disagreement that Johor will be fine during this economic turbulent. Eh, didn't the DPM said that Malaysia will not be affected? What kind of SCREWED up assessment is this? If the national press can continue writing dingy trash, I will speak without the fear of being "vulgar and disgusted". After all, I voted out the last government and I will continue to vote against them. DINGY TRASH REPORTING. LONG LIVE THE INTERNET REPORTING.

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