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Kampung Buah Pala - UMNO can help ? Facts


Rarely do I write about the inner feelings and thoughts I have about things that move around me. However, after today's incident, I felt compelled to do so. Much as I have a political agenda to do so, but I am writing on behalf of how I feel about politics. Seeing a cow's head being dragged and stomped on outside the Selangor State Secretary Building has led me to believe that our leaders in this country has once again incite a dangerous precedence throughout the year since March 8 2008.

So what if BN had lost the mandate from the people? Penang for one is managing well without them and during the past few weeks, BN has been drumming the messages that a vote for PAS is a vote for DAP and a vote for DAP is anti-Islam. Sometimes, when one gets too emotional, one tends to ignore the side effects of what he or she has said. I totally disagree of what has happened yesterday. It was uncalled for just because a temple is to be reallocated to the area. Has this people gone nuts? Is it the month of Ramaddan condoning what they have done to hurt the feelings of non Muslims? I have seen the video and I urge all parties to restraint and not to be provoked. The action of these silly people were done with one intention - to get the attention of the decision-makers and to intimidate the rest. I hope all Indians will not respond to this. Let it be known that the actions of these silly individuals are done by their little misguided minds.

Although it is a sensitive issue, I fail to understand why the head of an innocent cow was used to demonstrate their opposition of a temple that is to be reallocated? The temperature is rising again when the country heads into the National Day celebration. Have we all lost our minds? I know I have not as I intend to just shrug my shoulders and ask god to forgive those who have demonstrated. I hope the police will arrest these individuals for illegal assembly.

I rarely place a quote from a person that I have neutral respect for but here goes

Calling on the protesters to reflect on their action, he asked: "How would you feel if the proposal to build a mosque in a non-Muslim area - which is already happening - leads a group of non-Muslims to burn and stomp on the Quran?"- Khairy

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

you must watch this ... he makes so much sense and it is so clear

It is time...

The N11 by-election is heating up. I am sure many of UMNO cybernauts are trying to build blogs overnight to breakdown PR's claims that their candidate is as "clean as a fiddle". Don't do that lar. Just ask him to withdraw. After all, they are using the police, the army but they forgot that the Election Commission is now being watched by all. So, now very very susah. I can sense a TL feeling within BN's camp. Murphy's Law prevails.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I wouldn't even want to go and decipher the abbreviation but I will just leave it as it is. A lame leader as KTK should assume some level of responsibility to take up the plight of the residents. Unlike him, he has now turned cold and decided that he was never involved. I was puzzled as to why a person of his stature had no balls to even talk about this KBP issue. I am still puzzled as to why he as the Chief Minister spent almost 18 years in office and today he displayed that he was a Cheap Minister - not a Chief Minister. I am throwing the salvo at this lame duck to once again proof an important point - man of no principles deserve nothing more than a spit in his face. I hold no grudges against KTK. Just a thought of sadness that he has shown no bloody leadership in his lame party of his. I am sure many would say the same, the state government should be the ones left to clean up Ah Koon's mess. I say this - Tan Huck J0 - let the state handle it. KBP - let the state handle it. BN's demise - I say "let the people decide to bury you!"

Read this and let me know your thought.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What the hell...

First it was the death of Teoh Beng Hock. Now we hear that the secretariat of MACC conducted a secret poll to gauge the advisory panels opinion about the appointed panel members. I am surprised that this secretariat chose to go this way. I am sure that dissent is welcomed at times like this whenever the instituition is under the microscope. I must say that I enjoy reading about Robert Pang. I am glad he quote this

Oscar Sanchez once wrote: 'Even if a small part of the truth is hidden, a great lie may be born'." You go figure how much Malaysians can trust the very truth that MACC is trying to uncover or in short bury.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

I totally believe that this statement says it all

Please read. Much as I want to agree with what the MP said, but this statement clearly spells out the important of fairness and justice.

The effectiveness of the local council is based upon its performances. If certain individuals are not pulling their weight, let it be judged based on that. Do not let the BN goons take full advantage of this situation. After all, Kampung Buah Pala is well managed with great support from the general public. I see no further discussions can be unearthed. Only self righteousness will lead to destruction. These are my few words to all parties. I am a voter and a a member of the political party. Don't let BN play your asses .... it is time to put the country ahead and the people as prime rather than a few chosen ones.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

This is so comedy

Before I start attacking Wayna, let me reiterate that Hindraf needs a fresh of new air. I really think the Hindraf did more drama. Drama of gigantic proportion where they actually imported people from KL to cry outside of CM's residence. I shudder to think how this organization will succeed when its claims and arguments are to leave the last phrase alone.....

Read and see what I mean

LGE sanctions fraud against the Kg Buah Pala residents - Waythamoorthy
Posted Sat, 08/08/2009 - 12:41 by naragan
By P. Waytha Moorthy, HINDRAF Chairman
HINDRAF is appalled by LGE’s continued political drama to see thru injustice for the residents in Kg Buah Pala. Although, he claims and acknowledges that there was fraudulent transaction, yet he blackmails the residents by producing a building plan with unreasonable conditions on August 6, 2009 to comply with it within one day for families that has lived on or about 200 years in the same land.
Why are you sanctioning a fraud when you should have acquired the land and returned what is rightfully belonging to the residents of Kg Buah Pala instead of making a deal and short changing them?
If you look at his press conference read out by his mandore Prof Ramasamy, it is nothing but gloating about the achievement of DAP and condemnation of the fraudulent transaction started by the UMNO led BN and gladly completed by the current government.
If LGE can talk so much about the fraudulent transaction, what did he do about it? He sat by and watched it be completed. When did he appoint an investigation committee to address the transaction when he was well aware of this fraudulent transaction even before he came into the power? Yes, it did not happen until the 1st week of July 2009 and what was the result of the investigation committee as nothing has been revealed so far.
Was he really serious in assisting those residents with the investigating committee or it just another political game?
Many legal avenues were available for him to pursue the fraudulent transfer of the land starting from March 8, 2008, yet he sat on it hoping that it will pass by for poor and defenceless Kg Buah Pala residents who are insignificant for him as opposed to the Developers and the rich and mighty.
Section 340(2) of the NLC clearly spells out:The title or interest of any such person or body shall not be indefeasible(a) in any case of fraud or misrepresentation to which the person or body, or any agent of the person or body, was a party or privy; or(b) where registration was obtained by forgery, or by means of an insufficient or void instrument; or(c) where the title or interest was unlawfully acquired by the person or body in the purported exercise of any power or authority conferred by any written law.
Now show us the public what efforts had you undertaken to challenge the fraudulent land transfer other than clamouring that it was KSK’s fraudulent act and you can’t do anything about it. Doesn’t the law provide for such acts? Well you are the CM, you have the power and authority to challenge the transaction yet you positioned yourself with developers against those poor and defenceless Kg Buah Pala residents.
Nowhere does it exist in law that fraud is acceptable, when you yourself claim it is a fraudulent transaction. Is this the example you are setting for the rakyat?
In total you have just sanctioned fraud and acted just like another corrupted UMNO led BN government that is only interested in their own individual welfare as opposed to the public benefit.
Don’t even talk about the so-called $150 million compensation. Let HINDRAF enlighten you, the land was sold for RM3.2 Million and now you claim it is worth RM150 million. That means the price has rocketed to 2,343.75%. That even beats the property hike price of some high-end properties in New York and London before even construction had began. This can only happen in the BOLEHLAND.
Where is the logic that a RM10 per square feet increases by 2,343.75% in 15 months since the project was launched? Mind you if all the land was utilized notwithstanding the basic amenities such as community hall, tennis court, tadika, administration office, clinic, landscape and so forth. Then I guess the price is even higher per square foot.
LGE is definitely sounding like a broken record because we all know the malfeasances and that is why the rakyat elected you to power.
Unfortunately it is very clear that you play the same game that BN plays by blaming everything on BN without addressing the real issue being your inaction and your inability to initiate an action for the fraudulent land transfer against public benefit.
You admit fraud was committed, and then what did you do about it other than playing politics with the residents of Kg Buah Pala at the 11th hour when you have been in power for the last 17 months to initiate proceedings for the fraudulent land transfer.
The latest proposal that you put forward to the residents on behalf of the Developer is so ludicrous.
You think that you have negotiated the best deal for the residents with a gun onto their head. HINDRAF is totally disappointed with your continues drama that only appears to be that you are actually the mouthpiece for the Developer rather than the plight of the Kg Buah Pala residents. Is it reasonable, just and fair that, within one day 41 families needs to make a decision, uproot and move on the unreasonable conditions of the Developer? People at least have choice to make, but what happens to all the innocent animals, sent to the slaughterhouse?
HINDRAF feels LGE is a CM for the Developer and their mouthpiece and not one who has been transparent at least in his dealings with the Kg Buah Pala issue for reasons known best to himself.
HINDRAF feels this is clear hypocrisy on the part of the DAP led Pakatan government in Penang for their lack of political will to safeguard the interest of their citizenry in Kg Buah Pala.
HINDRAF cries with those Kg Buah Pala residents who have been deceived and blackmailed to be deprived from their ancestral homes for a simple reason that with the change and the promises given to them, they had faith in you and your government blindly on the basis of trust that you would be just and fair for the truth in this matter.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

While thousands took to the streets....

While thousands took to the streets peacefully, the police and its political masters continue to fan the anti-establishment picture upon these thousands. While thousands took to the streets, a group of demonstrators were demonstrating in London on the issue of Kampung Buah Pala. While thousands took to the streets, a lone journalist continues to fane lies and deception about the issue of Kampung Buah Pala. This is the latest flanking attacks of the BN government against the Pakatan Rakyat administration. Luckily for Kugan and Teoh Beng Hock, these BN agents are encircled within their own games. Games that were devised by their political spin doctors and they now hope to use August 3 to bring down the Penang State Government. I use to believe in the spirit of Makkal Sakthi. I still believe in the spirit of Makkal Sakthi but not under the leadership of Human Rights Party. I believe in the spirit of Malaysian Malaysia and the struggles of the Pakatan Rakyat. Not the worthless piece of lies written by certain journalist as well as lies put forward by the leaders of Human Rights Party. Where we they? Where ? Where? ISA was used on them. They COULD HAVE AT LEAST STOOD OUT FROM THE CROWD. This is so pathetically disturbing but we will remember. We will remember

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Comedy to the maximum

I just felt that the comedy of Gerakan continues to make me laugh....