Saturday, August 15, 2009


I wouldn't even want to go and decipher the abbreviation but I will just leave it as it is. A lame leader as KTK should assume some level of responsibility to take up the plight of the residents. Unlike him, he has now turned cold and decided that he was never involved. I was puzzled as to why a person of his stature had no balls to even talk about this KBP issue. I am still puzzled as to why he as the Chief Minister spent almost 18 years in office and today he displayed that he was a Cheap Minister - not a Chief Minister. I am throwing the salvo at this lame duck to once again proof an important point - man of no principles deserve nothing more than a spit in his face. I hold no grudges against KTK. Just a thought of sadness that he has shown no bloody leadership in his lame party of his. I am sure many would say the same, the state government should be the ones left to clean up Ah Koon's mess. I say this - Tan Huck J0 - let the state handle it. KBP - let the state handle it. BN's demise - I say "let the people decide to bury you!"

Read this and let me know your thought.


LynMay said...

KTK all the while has no balls so it's not that surprising to see him in denial. I'd be agape if he came forward instead.. But we have to call a spade a spade. Everyone was a guilty party right from the start on this issue including Pakatan...


Jeffrey Chew said...

has ever had any balls?