Saturday, May 31, 2008

My journey started

May 26 - my journey started and I took the oath of secrecy on the 28 May 2008. It was a proud moment for me to be able to do so and to serve the people of Penang. I am sure my family will remember this day and of course, I will continue to speak up against things I don't agree with. Stay tuned. Blogging is about to be active again :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Interesting perspective

I am sure many Penangnites would want to know. How well is the environment and development of the state are being balanced? I take on this very important issue as the rain has been rather heavy lately and I have heard of places showing signs of flooding and landslips? The next couple of days, this will be the focus of my articles here. Bringing to light some of the issues at hand.
For a start, click here to read an interlude.

Do try to give your points. It'll be interesting.

Friday, May 23, 2008

First a police report, now a lawsuit..the battle within PTC is heating up

Penang Turf Club committee sued
Soon Li Tsin May 23, 08 4:40pm
The Penang Turf Club (PTC) committee members and several others are being sued by its members over the deal made with developer Abad Naluri Sdn Bhd to develop the controversial Penang Global City Centre (PGCC).
The legal action - commenced by Tan Kok Ping and Lee Choon Hoe in their own capacity and on behalf of all club members - was filed today at the Penang High Court.
The suit named PTC committee members Ong Eng Khuan, Robert Chan Woot Khoon, Dr Henry Ooi Kwee Lim, Oon Chong Kie, John Alexander Rodgers, Seow Chin, Tan Phaik Guan, The Choon Beng, Ch’ng Chin Ghee, club consultant Muhammed Rizal Abdullah, club financial controller Tan Hock Lim and club assistant general manager and secretary Leow Khin Ming as defendants.
The PGCC, located in the heart of the Georgetown, has been billed as the country’s largest private sector development project. It is also the single-biggest component of the Northern Corridor Economic Region development plan, launched last August.
The developer, Abad Naluri, is an associate company of Equine Capital Bhd controlled by businessman Patrick Lim, who is said to be linked to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Equine Capital holds 25 percent of Abad Naluri.
Mirroring its Kuala Lumpur counterpart, the PGCC boasts of two five-star hotels, a performing arts centre, retail complex, two office towers, residential properties, a world-class convention centre, an observatory tower, parking spaces, monorail transportation and a public arena.
‘Not consulted’
The crux of the suit revolves around some 580 ordinary members of the well-established horse racing club being kept in the dark over several agreements signed between the PTC and Abad Naluri.
In 2003, PTC and Abad Naluri, signed a preliminary agreement for the sale of some 260 acres of the club’s land for RM488 million in order to develop the PGCC. Abad Naluri was expected to raise that sum and manage the financing for several years before the PGCC project starts contributing back.
From the RM488 million, RM375 million was designated to build a new racecourse in Batu Kawan in the mainland, relocating PTC’s existing racecourse on the island's prime Batu Gantung Road while the remaining RM113 million would be paid to PTC in cash. However, this agreement had allegedly lapse and Abad has paid only RM10 million in advances to PTC so far.
The plaintiffs contend that the defendants failed to impose the condition for Abad Naluri to pay the club 10 percent from the RM488 million purchase price as deposit. Subsequently, a formal agreement was signed on May 12, 2004 which restructured several clauses in the preliminary agreement. The plaintiffs argue that the changes were not approved by PTC members via an EGM.
Similarly, they alleged members were not consulted when the PTC president and two members signed a supplementary agreement on April 1 this year that granted Abad Naluri a renewable extension of three years in fulfilling their contractual terms.
The plaintiffs also contend that the PTC committee’s extension of the 2004 agreement resulted in a loss of revenue to the club after the re-zoning exercise under the Penang Structure Plan which was gazetted on June 28 last year.
The coveted Batu Gantong land valued between RM410 million to RM430 million was enhanced to a value of approximately RM2 billion after being re-zoned as a ‘mixed development’ from ‘open recreational’ area. The ordinary members also alleged that the committee has refused to disclose details of the agreements signed with Abad Naluri despite numerous requests for them.
According to the plaintiffs, all this amounts to breach of fiduciary duties and the committee - as trustees of the club - failed to act in the interests of the club in general.
No approval
Hence, the plaintiffs are seeking the following:
declarations from the committee defendants for acting in breach of their fiduciary duties
declarations from secretariat personnel for breaching of their terms of employment against the club’s constitution for exceeding their authority in executing several agreements
an injunction to restrain the defendants from further acting in breach of the club constitution
an order indemnifying the plaintiffs all tax liabilities imposed pursuant to the supplementary agreement
damages equivalent to the difference between the value of the Batu Gantong land on the date of the club’s extraordinary general meeting on Nov 25, 2002 and the execution date of the supplemental agreement April 1 this year
an order to set up an inquiry to analyse the loss and damage suffered by the plaintiffs due to the failure of the committee defendants to require Abad Naluri to pay a sum equivalent to 10 per cent of the purchase price of the Batu Gantong land as deposit
aggravated and exemplary damages to be assessed alternatively
Kok Ping and 12 other ordinary members of the turf club previously lodged police report on May 8 alleging that the PTC committee had abused its powers in its dealings with Abad Naluri.
Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has also announced that the PGCC project cannot proceed because it has yet to be approved by local government agencies.
According to Lim, not a single approval letter has been given to the developer by government authorities including the Penang Municipal Council and the Land Office.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A new history!

It’s really a change that we were all looking for. I am truly impressed to see the Selangor State Government actually providing live feed of the proceedings of their state assembly. I hope the other state assemblies will follow suit. I went in earlier and hey presto – the sitting is live on the internet. Seeing a Malaysian Chinese being at the helm of the speaker. Suggest everyone follow the proceeding soon. This is a great effort from the state government and I hope other state governments will follow suit. Sadly, the Parliament is still going with a 30 min live broadcast and I think this is really a waste of time.

Watch it here!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rm3.8 Billion investment by year end..

Great commentary to share and I thought it is worthwhile to give a test on the pulse of our lovely Penang. While the entire world is suffering from possible inflation as well as economic downturn, I am sure this piece of news came at the right time. Investments create jobs but the recent downturn may have cost Penang as well as Malaysia lots of jobs. The importance of relearning new skills and retooling ourselves in terms of moving away from high labor intensive jobs to high skilled jobs will help to build back our economy. I think the last 20 years, the creation of a nexus of companies never took place. Instead, many SMIs did what many other SMIs did - a pair of hands to do the work of multinationals. These are my thoughts.

We have many companies based out of Penang. I classify them into 3 categories :
1. Passover companies - they are here in Penang just to enjoy tax breaks and locate their "so called accounts department" and build big buildings to show the state why they are here. I have seen many of these but not worth mentioning.

2. MNCs with no local authorities - in short, "the kau tow" companies. Bosses are all overseas. They make decisions by getting instructions from someone in Santa Clara, Tokyo etc. They practically have no say but enjoy high paying salaries to manage people and expectations.

3. Home grown management managing big companies locally and internationally - these are the ones that understand this importance of building nexuses around the state and country. I know a few of these and they are always wanting to move up the value chain. Hence, sometimes, our government tend to "lupa" these guys.

I believe that if the Rm3.8 billion came from a mixture of the above, I hope it's from the category 3 companies. These companies will help drive SMIs or supply chain companies to move up the value chain.

Now - I wouldn't want to say that Penang is losing its competitiveness but the state must focus on its priorities to drive in more investment. Niamah to all the politics that are happening around the country but certain individuals must now assist the state to steer the right direction. I am certain Datuk Lee Kah Choon will help in that effort.

My recommendation - grab whatever investments possible. Reach out the investors and not dependent on the federal to give free handouts. Once the state reaches that juncture, I believe the federal government has no choice but to give in. I believe in nation building and the Rm3.8 Billion will go a long way, if it does happen by year end.

Penang investments to exceed target
Athi Veerangan | May 17, 08 7:48pm - Malaysiakini
Penang may well exceed its RM3.8 billion investment target for this year by the end of the month, InvestPenang executive chairperson Lee Kah Choon disclosed today.

The state government’s optimism was driven by keenness from potential foreign and domestic investors, international developments and a favourable investment climate, he said.

Lee believed that Penang investors were drawn to the state due to availability of a highly skilled work force, good infrastructure and international recognition as Malaysia’s ‘Silicon Valley’.

liberal forum privatisation lee kah choonThe completion of major infrastructure projects such as the second Penang bridge, monorail, Penang International Airport expansion, upgrading of the Sweetenham Pier, were also factors which boost investors' confidence.

“The economic spin offs from these projects would be a major booster for domestic investors,” said Lee in his maiden press conference after being appointed to helm InvestPenang last month.

Last year, total investments in Penang was RM4.77 billion, comprising RM3.14 billion foreign direct investments and RM1.63 billion domestic investment.

According to Lee, the cornerstone for Penang’s economic growth is still in the manufacturing sector, which forms 42 percent of the state’s gross domestic product.

He said that the vast presence of tertiary education institutions in the state would also be contributing to a large pool of professional and skilled workers.

Suppliers must improve

He felt that such workers would boost the state government’s efforts to transform Penang’s industries from a labour-intensive manufacturing sector to high-end manufacturing, research and development sectors.

“All these are Penang’s advantages to lure both domestic and foreign investors in all sectors, ranging from manufacturing, services, transportation, medical, tourism and even entertainment,” he said.

Lee also called on Penangites to adopt a paradigm shift and look towards the global market which would require them to acquire more knowledge, education and technology to compete globally.

He said that at present, many multinational companies are demanding domestic suppliers to enhance the quality of their goods.

“Penangites, be it businessmen, developers or ordinary laymen, should absorb global outlook in their mindsets. Otherwise we would lag behind others such as China and Vietnam,” he cautioned.

Lee said that the state was on a mission to restore Penang’s former glory as the investment hub of Malaysia, but conceded that it won’t be smooth sailing.

“With tangible, progressive or dynamic policies, we can do it together,” he told reporters at his office in the Penang Skills Development Centre.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A recipe for success

Sometimes the easiest solution is just a stone throw away. I strongly suggest the Penang State Government not to see the Batu Kawan land to the developers of Abad Naluri. I think it's a good solution can be used for other purpose -expanding new industrial area, housing of shipyard building, etc. I think this will stop all nonsense about the Penang Turf Club saga. So who will suffer? No one really. Penang Turf Club will definitely have to worry about their own political saga which is fast brewing. Anil's article is so true to the bone.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

If it wasn't for March 8 ...

I am glad our Wakil Rakyat is working overtime. I am glad that they are taking things seriously and doing their duty for the rakyat while the rakyat go to sleep. I am happy that we have our PM walking in at 11 pm at night. I am glad that nation building is now in progress and the threat of cross-overs becoming more real. I am glad that someone like us have the guts to vote some of the old blokes out. The time for change is here and I am proud that we are making a difference. Whether PR or BN makes a better show, I know each of the wakil rakyat has us in their hearts. If they don't, we will vote them out. As for the corrupt past wakil rakyat, shame on you. Look at how dedicated they have become. The spirit of Nation Building and speaking out for the people is finally here.

Click here

We did make a change..

I just couldn't help cross posting this news which I caught via the blogs of one of the up and coming MPs. Yes folks - our ministers are working very hard since March 8. That is why we need to continue to remember that our votes made a difference. At 11.00pm last nite, our PM actually went into the Parliament House as the house was still in session! So, I believe every elections, we as Malaysians must continue to seek the truth; continue to be angry and continue to demand answers and accountability from our elected representatives. Gone are the days where Ministers spent their days on official trips work from the house!

Enjoy reading this! Here!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Interesting move...

Interesting move? Let's wait and see who this is. I am keen to find out too.

May 11, 2008 20:25 PM

Lim Confirms Umno Veteran Joining State Government

BUTTERWORTH, May 11 (Bernama) -- Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng today confirmed that an Umno veteran leader had accepted the offer to serve in the state government.

He said the Umno veteran accepted the offer after he resigned from his post in Umno.

"We offered him to join the state government in the interest of the people.

"I will make an official announcement on this and will reveal the name of the Umno veteran at a suitable time," he told reporters after opening the Perai DAP service centre here.

Lim said the appointment letter had been forwarded to the Umno veteran who would join the state government soon, but he declined to disclose the post.

Asked whether there would a difference in the state administration after this, he said: "This is only the beginning.

"What's wrong with Umno working with the state governmeent when it is promoting CAT (competency, accountability dan transparency)?"

Lim said the state government was sincere in making the offer to the Umno veteran and it should be seen in a wider context, not just politics.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Moving hand written notes

Imagine this. Your family and close friends attending your swearing in ceremony. Imagine your children looking up onto your face while you take oath to represent the people who elected you. I believe this heartwarming news should be shared amongst ourselves. Like what CM of Penang said that, never dream for the sake of dreaming, dream big!

I felt moved after finishing reading the handwritten note.

Bukit Bendera Service Center Opening.

Mother's Day. Also the day of the opening of the Bukit Bendera Service Center. Pictures were taken by Lilian Chan.

It was a simple ceremony to commemorate the opening of Bukit Bendera Service Center which I am the pro-tem Secretary. I believe the walk has started since March 8. It's inching nearer and nearer. Stay tuned ya?

Ahem ---- passing the buck eh??????

What do I make of this? A bumbling group of previous Penang State Government folks who were never been in touch with reality. It's like " I hear no evil, speak no evil, see evil situation". During the last elections, I still remember how pathetically cold some of these BN candidates were by keeping many residents waiting at Scotland Park to discuss about their position on PGCC. THEY NEVER SHOWED UP by the way. So - are we going to be forgiving of these folks? Well, I suggest they ask themselves what they should do. I am sure that they are trying their best to say "We didn't approve it". Sorry lar - the buck stops there. Instead of helping, Penang Turf Club could be plunged into a crisis. Ah well, the rakyat knows. The rakyat is still angry - continue to be angry and hopefully will take this to 2013.

What do I make of this - it just doesn't add up - PERIOD.

Former exco: PGCC planning permission never approved
May 10, 08 6:28pm

Former Penang state executive councillor Dr Teng Hock Nan has revealed that the previous state government never approve the planning permission applied for by the developer of the proposed Penang Global City Centre (PGCC) project

In a statement today, Teng - who was the exco in-charge of local government - said the plans by PGCC developer had not yet been approved by the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP)

teng hock nan“The previous state government has also not made any decision as yet on whether and how much premiums or charges were to be levied on the developer relating to the proposed PGCC project,” he said.

Hence, according to Teng, the present government can decide and impose levies as they wish.

The PGCC, located in the heart of Georgetown, has been billed as the country’s largest private sector development project. It is also the single-biggest component of the Northern Corridor Economic Region development plan, launched last August.

The developer, Abad Naluri, is an associate company of Equine Capital Bhd controlled by businessman Patrick Lim, who is known to be a close friend of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Equine Capital holds 25 percent of Abad Naluri.

In recent weeks, a number of key shareholders have sold their stakes in Equine following news that the PGCC project would be shelved. The company was also hit by two resignations from its board of directors.

Mirroring its Kuala Lumpur counterpart, the PGCC boasts of two five-star hotels, a performing arts centre, retail complex, two office towers, residential properties, world-class convention centre, observatory tower, parking space, monorail transportation and public arena.

Teng also said the MPPP can still decide whether to reject or approve any development proposal, including the type and the scale of the RM25 billion project.

“Since no decision has been made as yet, it is up to the new state government and the MPPP to make whatever decision that they think suitable with respect to the site and any development proposal, including whatever charges to be imposed.

“It is also up to the State Planning Committee chaired by chief minister (Lim Guan Eng) to provide guidance,” he said.

All up to Guan Eng

The Penang Gerakan secretary explained that the formulation of the structure plan - which made provisions on zoning of development for the whole state - followed the proper provisions and procedure for structure plan under the Town and Country Planning Act.

He said public exhibitions and hearings were held between 2006 to 2007 on the draft structure plan which was subsequently finalised and gazetted on June 28 last year.

penang global city centre pgcc 130907 overviewBased on this, Teng dispelled accusations that former Penang CM Dr Koh Tsu Koon has helped Abad Naluri save approximately RM200 million in premium fees for land conversion when the original recreation land was reclassified under ‘mixed development’.

“In this respect, the structure plan did not specify the type (residential or commercial or "mixed") and the scale (density, plot ratio) of "new development" zoned on that site.

“The MPPP can still decide whether to reject or approve any development proposal, including the type and the scale,” he said.

Teng’s statement confirms Lim’s announcement after the March 8 general election that not a single approval letter has been given to the developer by government authorities, whether the MPPP or the land office.

He alluded that Abdullah had given the wrong impression to the public that approval had been given when he launched the project with great fanfare last year.

In view of the situation, said Lim, the developer cannot start any work at the site or sell the project until the developers comply with the law.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

At least someone wrote something important on his blog

Sometimes, it is heartwarming to read about something that was written above self above politics article. I must congratulate my friend for writing things that hit close to home. I am saddened by the attitude of the Penang Education Ministry. I believe it's time to put society above politics. Again, I am not trying to steal the thunder away from SSQuah, but this is indeed a very good commentary on his part to say things. Penangnites must realize that voting for the opposition has uncovered many things. Maybe soon we will have a new Federal Government? Only time will tell.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Denying them 2/3 is not enough....I say time to make them go!

This irks me like hell...I saw this Anil's site and really, I think it's very clear that the present administration has lost touch and reality especially when it comes to the wishes of the electorates. Hence, you be the judge. I say no more...

See here


Read here

So what say you?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

RPK - we stand by you!

Sometimes, we tend to be inspired by many things around us. People, quotes, live events, etc. I have always felt the last 2 years, there was one man that helped me see things beyond the color of my skin. He helped me to see things from his angle about how he felt about corruption; how he despised the very people who claimed they fought for their rights but in actual fact, they were fighting for their own self-interest.
I guess you would assume that I would mention folks like Lim Kit Siang, etc etc. Unfortunately not. Today, this man was led into a van after he refused to post bail for himself. I am sure he had all the money in the world but the principles he stood for are very commendable. It’s time to stand up and walk the talk. Talk for this man as he will be our conscience – the Malaysian conscience!
RPK – We will walk with you always! Stay healthy and stay focus. We still want to read your writings, ya?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mini Putrajaya?

Way back in 2001, our beloved ex-CM announced that the State Government will now start plans to vacate Komtar and "move" to another proposed Mini Putrajaya in Bayan Baru. I am glad that with the Political Tsunami on March 8, this plan is no longer viable. Credit must be given to the present state government for doing away with this plan. It will cost us RM30million for the mini putrajaya. Seriously, with Komtar all ready to be revived, the money is better spent to revive Komtar that will benefit thousands of traders and do away with cronies who could be doing the Mini Putrajaya project. Again - a plus for the new Penang Government!

Penang to scrap ‘Mini Putrajaya’ project

PENANG: The new state government will scrap the proposed centralised
state government administration centre nicknamed “Mini Putrajaya”,
which was mooted by the Barisan Nasional government in 2001.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the state would not pursue any
project that was “too expensive”.

“We are not going to go on the heavy expenditure projects,” he said in
an interview.

Lim, however, said the state had other plans for the 20ha reclaimed
land north of the Bayan Bay project near the Penang Bridge on the

“We have other plans to bring development to that area, which would
benefit the state and people. The plans would be announced at the
right time,” he said.

Former Penang chief minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon had announced the
RM30mil mini Putrajaya project in 2001 as the new government’s
administration centre.

He had said the site on the reclaimed land belonging to the Penang
Development Corporation (PDC) was chosen because its location was more
central to the state’s population distribution.

The project, known as Bayan Mutiara, was expected to house the offices
of the Chief Minister, his deputy, state exco members, state
assemblymen, state secretary and state financial officer as well as
the new state assembly hall and Speaker’s office.

Dr Koh had also said that once the government administration offices
were relocated, there were plans to turn the 65-storey Komtar tower
into a hotel or commercial centre.

The state government then had also announced plans of converting the
state assembly building in Light Street into an art gallery.

However, the Bayan Mutiara project drew flak from ratepayers and
public interest groups who felt that it was a waste of taxpayers’

In May 2003, Dr Koh said the project would be deferred indefinitely
due to economic slowdown.

In an interview early this month, Lim said there was a need to
“rejuvenate” Komtar, which was opened to the public in 1974, in view
of its strategic position as the “heart” of the state government.

Komtar assemblyman Ng Wei Aik in a recent interview carried in the
StarMetro North said that the Komtar restructuring committee would
work on a new “Komtar concept”, which may include ideas of
transforming Komtar into a digital or IT centre.

An unhealthy precedence

Take a look at this report, tell me privately or openly on comments of what you think!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Penang's State Anthem

Peter Tan actually wrote this on his blog. I have heard this song on and off in functions through the course of time but to hear through youtube - well, it makes me really want to walk my talk. So , lets all sing along. I think if you are a Penangnite, you will probably sing this state anthem to your heart content. Enjoy your weekend. Michael Chan - go ahead and spread the news....

Something worth reading on ...

While the world flies on business classes, leaders of nations as well as states tend to fly in luxury. However, take a look at this. I am not at all surprised to see our YAB flying on Economy class. This was captured on 2 blogs ... here and there

Many politicians will say this - aiyoo brother CM - you are spoiling the market lar. Now i cannot get bigger space in the cabin since you sudah set a new standard. Good example that all should follow. Sometimes when one reaches the highest level of power within the society, it's always good to reflect on this that makes the best sense. I am glad to hear this. Saudara Lim, go get them. We are all behind you!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Picture Perfect Moment

Mr Speaker....stop being so bloody dramatic

Firstly, do you know your stuff? Do you really know what it takes to be a good speaker. Stop being so bloody dramatic. Taiwan? Are you saying that MPs in Malaysia are Chinese or are you saying that they are acting badly? If you act well, I believe many MPs will toe the line. I believe the Speaker's role is important. If you can't swallow it, resign!

For a start, act fairly and you will be judged fairly. Act lost and you will get bozos acting like one, with due respect, act impartial. Otherwise, resign and get someone else to do the job. You asked for it. You got what you want. So stop complaining and act like a real Speaker - a person who manages the 222 Parliamentarians.

KUALA LUMPUR, May 1 — "Thank God, it did not turn out like what happens in Taiwan's (parliament)," was how Dewan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia described yesterday's events in the Dewan Rakyat.

In its very first sitting following the March 8 election, Opposition and Barisan Nasional (BN) members of parliament traded barbs and interfered with proceedings.

Taiwan's parliament is well known for its MPs unparliamentary behaviour with physical assaults and even acts like throwing books and chairs against each other giving it a certain notoriety.

"If they don't control themselves, keep using unparliamentary words, we might just end up like them," he told reporters at his office in Parliament House after the sitting.

Pandikar Amin said yesterday's sitting had really tested his patience and warned all MPs not repeat such acts anymore as he did not like to suspend any of them.

"MPs must show exemplary behaviour," he said. — Bernama

Another fella just woke up

Tsk Tsk Tsk! I am sure many of BN leaders who lost the elections have not been very honest. When they were in the government, they speak less but told the general public that they speak from within. Now the truth is this and tell me what you think? I am sure that he has also woken up to the fact that the alternative mass media like Malaysiakini has indeed done more harm than good - according to him. I say Dr Lim - Please lar ... people are tired with the Star and NST. That is why Malaysiakini helps to put the truth out. If winning the election means putting out truths and this is not the style of those within BN, I say - don't run the country. Let Pakatan do the job.

Soon Li Tsin and Francis Paul | May 1, 08 11:29am

Gerakan’s hopes in reclaiming power in their stronghold state of Penang could well be over if the new Pakatan Rakyat government performs, said Gerakan advisor Dr Lim Keng Yaik.

The vocal veteran politician observed that depending on how Pakatan runs the island state, "Gerakan will need '10 years and beyond' to win Penang back."

"However, if Pakatan can perform better than us previously, then we can kiss our hopes goodbye.

“If (Gerakan) wants to maintain Penang, - the party must now be seen as leading the opposition in the state,” he told Malaysiakini in an exclusive interview held at his new Selangor party office in Bandar Utama on Monday.

The former energy, water and telecommunications minister appeared relaxed when met, arming himself with a pack of Salem menthol cigarettes and a cup of coffee when he told the Malaysiakini journalists to “bring it on”.

Disappointed old man

His animated answers became emotive when asked why he was so critical of former Gerakan deputy decretary-general Lee Kah Choon leaving the party and working for the Penang state government.

“Of course (I am angry with him) but not on behalf of the party. (It is like a) disappointed old man who saw one of his sons go against the family.

“When he left I knew (he was) opportunistic. (He was) more interested in the position rather than being loyal to the party,” he said bitterly.

Lee sparked controversy last week when he was appointed by Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng as a director for the state’s investment arm - Penang Development Corporation (PDC) and InvestPenang.

He subsequently withdrew from the party after being issued a show cause letter from Gerakan acting president Dr Koh Tsu Koon.

Keng Yaik said that party leders would have most probably agreed with Lee to take up the post if they were informed first about it.

“If he had the brevity to discuss with the party leadership, they would (have) most probably agreed with him to take up the post.

“If he had briefed us, we would have had a hard time seeing this so-called new paradigm shift as espoused by the ‘great’ Guan Eng,” he said.

The former Gerakan president proceeded to criticise Guan Eng for politicking and poaching for members from other parties.

“It is not just about Kah Choon. If you go to Perak there are going to be 500 councillors leaving and DAP can go find their councillors who can perform.

“You have to poach but in the (elections) you won, you go and deliver lah. Why you poach our people to do the job for you?

“You are now voted in as CM, go on and behave like a CM and do your job rather than politicking at very turn of the corner,” he asserted.

Anwar's impatience

Despite criticising Pakatan throughout out the interview, the outspoken Gerakan veteran pointed out that he will give the opposition a chance.

“Of course, I give them every chance. Don’t you think we gave them the best chance by instituting a smooth transition? Don’t you give us that credit and to Tsu Koon?” he asked.

Asked if he would help them, he waved off the idea and laughed: “Thank you very much, I am retired", adding in jest, "I’ll sabotage them.”

However, Keng Yaik warned that PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim is like a “chameleon” and that his impatience will prevent him from becoming prime minister.

“I know Anwar and that in his haste in wanting to become the PM whether he was in Umno or outside Umno now, that would be his downfall. He’ll never get it,” he said.

Quizzed about the future of his only son, Si Pin, the retired politician said he has never encouraged his son to go into politics.

“You might not believe it but I discouraged him to come up to elective politics. My wife also discouraged him.

“But his interest is there and he decided for himself. So it is up to him,” he said.

Si Pin, who contested for the first time in the March elections, lost to PKR’s Tian Chua in the Batu parliamentary seat by 9,455 votes.

Towards the end of the interview, Keng Yaik admitted that he had declined interviews from Malaysiakini because he did not want to criticise the government while he was still in office.

“But now I’m free. Even though my words are quite guarded, I still maintain that discipline that you may criticise the party but not the personalities involved.

“I’ve seen how you influenced voters so I better join the act (laughs). I thought you guys can only influence a few eggheads but now, I know better lah,” he added.

So what is so remarkable about this Dato Wong?

I find it out when one starts to consider blogging. I have blogged almost 2 years and I have never at one time claim my blog is interesting or good. In fact, it is a collection of thoughts. Today, since it's May 1, let me take this opportunity to wish every worker on this planet Happy Labor Day.

Back to my thoughts. Who cares if the former Menteri Besar has started blogging? Who cares if a minister has decided to use his blog to attack another fellow Menteri Besar? After all, these are the tell-tale signs of a country full of hypocrites and idiots who are never accountable for their actions. By a press of the keyboard, they vindicate themselves from all wrongs and the rest of the world must accept them for what they are. I say - BULLSHIT!

The same goes to my once favorite newspaper editor. At one time, he wrote to me many years ago via email to ask me if I was the one who launched the DAP website in 1996. I guess he was fishing for a story back then but because I knew him as a friend, I decided to reveal myself. Seriously, since then, I have not kept in contact with him. Mostly, I bumped into him at Xavierian reunion in 2005 as well as at a friend's wedding.

My point is this - why write your thoughts in a blog and write another in the so-called MSM? Why have differing views. I am very certain this confirms my worse suspicion. This entire country is full of hypocrites and I don't see anything remarkable about this. Full of hot air and shit and I am sure he wants to be the first Editor to write on blogs. I seriously doubt his writings will ever be taken seriously by me. Dato - I know you may be reading. Sorry - it just doesn't add up.

I respect what you write but I suggest you do the same on your MSM - the Star. Once you start doing that, your views will reach more readers rather than myself, a monkey and a baboon as so called by some politicians who are now bloggers themselves. I am glad March8 came. Realized one thing - there are many Xavierians out there who are very upset of your views. I suggest you tone it down. Once doing that, reach out to more Malaysians of your thoughts of this country. Rather than focusing on articles before a major general elections and slamming PAS for being radical. Maybe they are, maybe they are not. However, your thoughts should not just be confined on your blog. I ask you to do something remarkable. Quote my blog and comments on your main editorial. After all, I have started to walk my talk like thousands of Malaysians. Many politicians have realized that even speaking from an ethnic background may not work any. Look at Ong Kah Ting. He finally realized how irrelevant he has become. He is speaking.

As for you, Labor Omnia Vincit (Labor Conquers All) - so before you start writing on your blog again, I will like to point out that you should start considering writing the same on your editorial. I enjoy your views very much. But it's time to speak up. Not just on your blog but on your editorial. I leave you with your quote

“I write a column in the newspaper and the tone and manner of both the column and the blog are pretty similar. The main difference is the column is longer… it takes more time. Blog entries are much shorter. They represent a quick reflection of an issue,” he explained. Naturally, blogs are more immediate," said Dato Wong from
Are you sure? Are you very very sure. I think you should reconsider this. My blogs are also my thoughts that are shared immediately. However, it's different. I am just an angry voter continuing my walk into the Penang political arena.