Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Denying them 2/3 is not enough....I say time to make them go!

This irks me like hell...I saw this Anil's site and really, I think it's very clear that the present administration has lost touch and reality especially when it comes to the wishes of the electorates. Hence, you be the judge. I say no more...

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So what say you?


Fish said...

Hey Jeff,

I tot the CCTV for Penang idea was LGE's idea? I think the target of Anil's article was LGE admin.

I agree with Anil. CCTV is way too expensive and I doesn't help. Look at Nurin's case where the camera caught the bike but image too poor to identify. It's one of the few points I do not agree with LGE. The other is giving RM6000 yearly to hardcore poor. "Give them a fish, you feed them a day. Teach them to fish and you feed them a lifetime."

I think CSI tv shows may have given a false impression of the actual effectiveness of CCTV.

Jeffrey Chew said...

Again, Anil's article may invoke thoughts of diverse views. However, we are the rakyat that has suffered long enough. If 8 March didn't happen, guess all of us would have been like the mice - been pipe pippered into believing that many issues are okay and everything good.

. said...

Even with the March 8th event, the citizens are still being pipe-pipered.

Or else, how could you ever explain the motive behind those parents that are still sending their children to death camps????