Thursday, May 1, 2008

Another fella just woke up

Tsk Tsk Tsk! I am sure many of BN leaders who lost the elections have not been very honest. When they were in the government, they speak less but told the general public that they speak from within. Now the truth is this and tell me what you think? I am sure that he has also woken up to the fact that the alternative mass media like Malaysiakini has indeed done more harm than good - according to him. I say Dr Lim - Please lar ... people are tired with the Star and NST. That is why Malaysiakini helps to put the truth out. If winning the election means putting out truths and this is not the style of those within BN, I say - don't run the country. Let Pakatan do the job.

Soon Li Tsin and Francis Paul | May 1, 08 11:29am

Gerakan’s hopes in reclaiming power in their stronghold state of Penang could well be over if the new Pakatan Rakyat government performs, said Gerakan advisor Dr Lim Keng Yaik.

The vocal veteran politician observed that depending on how Pakatan runs the island state, "Gerakan will need '10 years and beyond' to win Penang back."

"However, if Pakatan can perform better than us previously, then we can kiss our hopes goodbye.

“If (Gerakan) wants to maintain Penang, - the party must now be seen as leading the opposition in the state,” he told Malaysiakini in an exclusive interview held at his new Selangor party office in Bandar Utama on Monday.

The former energy, water and telecommunications minister appeared relaxed when met, arming himself with a pack of Salem menthol cigarettes and a cup of coffee when he told the Malaysiakini journalists to “bring it on”.

Disappointed old man

His animated answers became emotive when asked why he was so critical of former Gerakan deputy decretary-general Lee Kah Choon leaving the party and working for the Penang state government.

“Of course (I am angry with him) but not on behalf of the party. (It is like a) disappointed old man who saw one of his sons go against the family.

“When he left I knew (he was) opportunistic. (He was) more interested in the position rather than being loyal to the party,” he said bitterly.

Lee sparked controversy last week when he was appointed by Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng as a director for the state’s investment arm - Penang Development Corporation (PDC) and InvestPenang.

He subsequently withdrew from the party after being issued a show cause letter from Gerakan acting president Dr Koh Tsu Koon.

Keng Yaik said that party leders would have most probably agreed with Lee to take up the post if they were informed first about it.

“If he had the brevity to discuss with the party leadership, they would (have) most probably agreed with him to take up the post.

“If he had briefed us, we would have had a hard time seeing this so-called new paradigm shift as espoused by the ‘great’ Guan Eng,” he said.

The former Gerakan president proceeded to criticise Guan Eng for politicking and poaching for members from other parties.

“It is not just about Kah Choon. If you go to Perak there are going to be 500 councillors leaving and DAP can go find their councillors who can perform.

“You have to poach but in the (elections) you won, you go and deliver lah. Why you poach our people to do the job for you?

“You are now voted in as CM, go on and behave like a CM and do your job rather than politicking at very turn of the corner,” he asserted.

Anwar's impatience

Despite criticising Pakatan throughout out the interview, the outspoken Gerakan veteran pointed out that he will give the opposition a chance.

“Of course, I give them every chance. Don’t you think we gave them the best chance by instituting a smooth transition? Don’t you give us that credit and to Tsu Koon?” he asked.

Asked if he would help them, he waved off the idea and laughed: “Thank you very much, I am retired", adding in jest, "I’ll sabotage them.”

However, Keng Yaik warned that PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim is like a “chameleon” and that his impatience will prevent him from becoming prime minister.

“I know Anwar and that in his haste in wanting to become the PM whether he was in Umno or outside Umno now, that would be his downfall. He’ll never get it,” he said.

Quizzed about the future of his only son, Si Pin, the retired politician said he has never encouraged his son to go into politics.

“You might not believe it but I discouraged him to come up to elective politics. My wife also discouraged him.

“But his interest is there and he decided for himself. So it is up to him,” he said.

Si Pin, who contested for the first time in the March elections, lost to PKR’s Tian Chua in the Batu parliamentary seat by 9,455 votes.

Towards the end of the interview, Keng Yaik admitted that he had declined interviews from Malaysiakini because he did not want to criticise the government while he was still in office.

“But now I’m free. Even though my words are quite guarded, I still maintain that discipline that you may criticise the party but not the personalities involved.

“I’ve seen how you influenced voters so I better join the act (laughs). I thought you guys can only influence a few eggheads but now, I know better lah,” he added.

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Anonymous said...

It was reported that in India, a 6 year old girl was thrown into a burning fire, all because she was a Dalit (low caste). I'm sure any God fearing civilized person would share my anger and condemnation of this dastardly and uncivilized act. No human being needs to be treated in such a way as the poor child was treated.

Talking about the issue of low caste people, I'm sure in the 21st century there is no place for such bullshit. However, we have seen people doing injustices against fellow human beings but yet find solace in religion.

I know some people are gonna be pissed off to read what I have to say but I'm gonna say it anyway because this is what I belief. Take the two oxymoron MP's, Bung Mokhtar Raden and Ibrahim Ali as prime examples. As Muslims, I believe they pray 5 times a day, pay their Zakat (Tithe's) and probably gone to perform the Umrah or even the Hajj. However, they may look like Muslims, sound like Muslims and act like Muslims,but are they really Muslims? Islam is a religion of Peace and compassion but when you demand a paraplegic like YB Karpal Singh to stand up as demanded by the charlatan's Dung Mokhtar and Ibrahim Katak in Parliament, I can only say that these two lost souls must be Murtad (Apostates) because a true believer would not utter such a statement. The sad thing is, this two clowns a dead sure they are going to Paradise just because they think they are Muslims even though their deeds, thoughts and words prove otherwise.

I've also seen Christian preacher's who can, by raising their hand, cause a thousand believers to 'Rest in the Spirit'. Make the lame walk. Cure the sick. Just when I begin to believe there is hope in the world after all, the Evangelist 'potong steam' me by uttering vile condemnations against Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hindu's, Buddhists and any other Christian who is not 'Born Again' by his definition. These charlatan's will continue to spread their gospel of hate to their followers who in turn will go on condemning everyone who is not 'Born Again' to Hell.

In the USA especially, many politicians find solace in such Evangelists so that they can absolve themselves from any sin or guilt for their deeds, thoughts and words as they believe the by professing their faith in Jesus Christ in an 'Alter Call' would make them a 'Born Again Christian' and be guaranteed a place in Heaven. The Iraq war is one prime example of what Evangelist Inspired politicians can do.

Let us not hide behind religion to justify our diabolical acts. Be a good human being and stop condemning others to Hell because it is easy to see the speck of dust in your brother's eye yet you can't see the log lodged in yours.