Tuesday, May 6, 2008

RPK - we stand by you!

Sometimes, we tend to be inspired by many things around us. People, quotes, live events, etc. I have always felt the last 2 years, there was one man that helped me see things beyond the color of my skin. He helped me to see things from his angle about how he felt about corruption; how he despised the very people who claimed they fought for their rights but in actual fact, they were fighting for their own self-interest.
I guess you would assume that I would mention folks like Lim Kit Siang, etc etc. Unfortunately not. Today, this man was led into a van after he refused to post bail for himself. I am sure he had all the money in the world but the principles he stood for are very commendable. It’s time to stand up and walk the talk. Talk for this man as he will be our conscience – the Malaysian conscience!
RPK – We will walk with you always! Stay healthy and stay focus. We still want to read your writings, ya?

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