Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Interesting perspective

I am sure many Penangnites would want to know. How well is the environment and development of the state are being balanced? I take on this very important issue as the rain has been rather heavy lately and I have heard of places showing signs of flooding and landslips? The next couple of days, this will be the focus of my articles here. Bringing to light some of the issues at hand.
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Do try to give your points. It'll be interesting.

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khensthoth said...

I am a self-proclaimed environmentalist. To me, Penangites in general and the Penang government act as if environment is at the bottom of their priority list. Penang is heavily polluted - look at the rivers and the seas. Simple measures could have be done to prevent and to mitigate this, yet the relevant authorities only act when the matter is crucial.

Take the rehabilitation of rivers in Penang. By looking at other developed countries, we should know that rivers will be polluted and a lot of money will be spent to clean it up. Yet, no one seems to be bothered about preventive measures or education. Now that the river is declared as unable to sustain any life, we start to pump in huge amount of money to clean it up.

It comes down to this - You can either do it now, or you can either do it 20 years later at 20 times the cost. Anil Netto is right - Penang should set it's green credentials and encourage sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings. However, as I see it, the Penang Government, councils included, are doing their least about the environment.

That being said, I do think development is necessary. I support PGCC, because I know land is scarce and expensive, and I know Penang really need the increase in population to make certain projects more viable. I just do not support PGCC if they are not following the guidelines or purposely evade certain laws about density. I do not understand people who blatantly call for the cancellation of PORR, PGCC and the second bridge.

If the Environmental Impact Assessment is properly and correctly done, a win-win situation can be achieved. However, certain Penangites seem to think their interest are beyond the interest of the state.

I know certain residents of Tanjung Bungah opposing a project which is planned next to their apartment. They claim that it's a hill slope, it's too dangerous. However, the apartment they are living in is situated on the same hill slope. Are they being hypocritical?

Penang needs a balance between development and the concern for environment. Currently, I don't see much of it. Either the developers are ignorant about the environment, or the activists are ignorant about the need for development.