Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ahem ---- passing the buck eh??????

What do I make of this? A bumbling group of previous Penang State Government folks who were never been in touch with reality. It's like " I hear no evil, speak no evil, see evil situation". During the last elections, I still remember how pathetically cold some of these BN candidates were by keeping many residents waiting at Scotland Park to discuss about their position on PGCC. THEY NEVER SHOWED UP by the way. So - are we going to be forgiving of these folks? Well, I suggest they ask themselves what they should do. I am sure that they are trying their best to say "We didn't approve it". Sorry lar - the buck stops there. Instead of helping, Penang Turf Club could be plunged into a crisis. Ah well, the rakyat knows. The rakyat is still angry - continue to be angry and hopefully will take this to 2013.

What do I make of this - it just doesn't add up - PERIOD.

Former exco: PGCC planning permission never approved
May 10, 08 6:28pm

Former Penang state executive councillor Dr Teng Hock Nan has revealed that the previous state government never approve the planning permission applied for by the developer of the proposed Penang Global City Centre (PGCC) project

In a statement today, Teng - who was the exco in-charge of local government - said the plans by PGCC developer had not yet been approved by the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP)

teng hock nan“The previous state government has also not made any decision as yet on whether and how much premiums or charges were to be levied on the developer relating to the proposed PGCC project,” he said.

Hence, according to Teng, the present government can decide and impose levies as they wish.

The PGCC, located in the heart of Georgetown, has been billed as the country’s largest private sector development project. It is also the single-biggest component of the Northern Corridor Economic Region development plan, launched last August.

The developer, Abad Naluri, is an associate company of Equine Capital Bhd controlled by businessman Patrick Lim, who is known to be a close friend of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Equine Capital holds 25 percent of Abad Naluri.

In recent weeks, a number of key shareholders have sold their stakes in Equine following news that the PGCC project would be shelved. The company was also hit by two resignations from its board of directors.

Mirroring its Kuala Lumpur counterpart, the PGCC boasts of two five-star hotels, a performing arts centre, retail complex, two office towers, residential properties, world-class convention centre, observatory tower, parking space, monorail transportation and public arena.

Teng also said the MPPP can still decide whether to reject or approve any development proposal, including the type and the scale of the RM25 billion project.

“Since no decision has been made as yet, it is up to the new state government and the MPPP to make whatever decision that they think suitable with respect to the site and any development proposal, including whatever charges to be imposed.

“It is also up to the State Planning Committee chaired by chief minister (Lim Guan Eng) to provide guidance,” he said.

All up to Guan Eng

The Penang Gerakan secretary explained that the formulation of the structure plan - which made provisions on zoning of development for the whole state - followed the proper provisions and procedure for structure plan under the Town and Country Planning Act.

He said public exhibitions and hearings were held between 2006 to 2007 on the draft structure plan which was subsequently finalised and gazetted on June 28 last year.

penang global city centre pgcc 130907 overviewBased on this, Teng dispelled accusations that former Penang CM Dr Koh Tsu Koon has helped Abad Naluri save approximately RM200 million in premium fees for land conversion when the original recreation land was reclassified under ‘mixed development’.

“In this respect, the structure plan did not specify the type (residential or commercial or "mixed") and the scale (density, plot ratio) of "new development" zoned on that site.

“The MPPP can still decide whether to reject or approve any development proposal, including the type and the scale,” he said.

Teng’s statement confirms Lim’s announcement after the March 8 general election that not a single approval letter has been given to the developer by government authorities, whether the MPPP or the land office.

He alluded that Abdullah had given the wrong impression to the public that approval had been given when he launched the project with great fanfare last year.

In view of the situation, said Lim, the developer cannot start any work at the site or sell the project until the developers comply with the law.

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. said...

Move on, Guan Eng.

2 months have passed, Guan Eng, and you are still stuck with the land deal thing.

Penang has so many other problems to be solved, my friend, please move on from there.

I am not saying that the Turf Club land deal isn't important, it *IS* ! But, there ought to come a time you start doing something else.

The issues surrounding the Penang Turf Club ought to be pursue by your legal eagle from now on. It's time you let them earn their living by proving that the past government, at least those who were at helm, have committed criminal offenses.

And you, Guan Eng, as the Chief Minister of Penang, ought to take on more important issues that are effecting the citizens of Penang.

Stop wasting our trust on you, please !!