Saturday, May 3, 2008

Something worth reading on ...

While the world flies on business classes, leaders of nations as well as states tend to fly in luxury. However, take a look at this. I am not at all surprised to see our YAB flying on Economy class. This was captured on 2 blogs ... here and there

Many politicians will say this - aiyoo brother CM - you are spoiling the market lar. Now i cannot get bigger space in the cabin since you sudah set a new standard. Good example that all should follow. Sometimes when one reaches the highest level of power within the society, it's always good to reflect on this that makes the best sense. I am glad to hear this. Saudara Lim, go get them. We are all behind you!


mc_blog said...

Jeff, I am really very taken in by our CM. This is impressive beyond words -- as the CM he is naturally "accorded" the right to fly in First Class, but given that he chose not to says a whole lot about the man.

I'm going to spread the word, with your permission, of course, quoting your blog. More of us should be aware of this, it assures us of our decision in choosing wisely during the GE.

Continue with your walk bro, you inspire us all!

(Michael Chan)

Jeffrey Chew said...


I will