Thursday, May 1, 2008

So what is so remarkable about this Dato Wong?

I find it out when one starts to consider blogging. I have blogged almost 2 years and I have never at one time claim my blog is interesting or good. In fact, it is a collection of thoughts. Today, since it's May 1, let me take this opportunity to wish every worker on this planet Happy Labor Day.

Back to my thoughts. Who cares if the former Menteri Besar has started blogging? Who cares if a minister has decided to use his blog to attack another fellow Menteri Besar? After all, these are the tell-tale signs of a country full of hypocrites and idiots who are never accountable for their actions. By a press of the keyboard, they vindicate themselves from all wrongs and the rest of the world must accept them for what they are. I say - BULLSHIT!

The same goes to my once favorite newspaper editor. At one time, he wrote to me many years ago via email to ask me if I was the one who launched the DAP website in 1996. I guess he was fishing for a story back then but because I knew him as a friend, I decided to reveal myself. Seriously, since then, I have not kept in contact with him. Mostly, I bumped into him at Xavierian reunion in 2005 as well as at a friend's wedding.

My point is this - why write your thoughts in a blog and write another in the so-called MSM? Why have differing views. I am very certain this confirms my worse suspicion. This entire country is full of hypocrites and I don't see anything remarkable about this. Full of hot air and shit and I am sure he wants to be the first Editor to write on blogs. I seriously doubt his writings will ever be taken seriously by me. Dato - I know you may be reading. Sorry - it just doesn't add up.

I respect what you write but I suggest you do the same on your MSM - the Star. Once you start doing that, your views will reach more readers rather than myself, a monkey and a baboon as so called by some politicians who are now bloggers themselves. I am glad March8 came. Realized one thing - there are many Xavierians out there who are very upset of your views. I suggest you tone it down. Once doing that, reach out to more Malaysians of your thoughts of this country. Rather than focusing on articles before a major general elections and slamming PAS for being radical. Maybe they are, maybe they are not. However, your thoughts should not just be confined on your blog. I ask you to do something remarkable. Quote my blog and comments on your main editorial. After all, I have started to walk my talk like thousands of Malaysians. Many politicians have realized that even speaking from an ethnic background may not work any. Look at Ong Kah Ting. He finally realized how irrelevant he has become. He is speaking.

As for you, Labor Omnia Vincit (Labor Conquers All) - so before you start writing on your blog again, I will like to point out that you should start considering writing the same on your editorial. I enjoy your views very much. But it's time to speak up. Not just on your blog but on your editorial. I leave you with your quote

“I write a column in the newspaper and the tone and manner of both the column and the blog are pretty similar. The main difference is the column is longer… it takes more time. Blog entries are much shorter. They represent a quick reflection of an issue,” he explained. Naturally, blogs are more immediate," said Dato Wong from
Are you sure? Are you very very sure. I think you should reconsider this. My blogs are also my thoughts that are shared immediately. However, it's different. I am just an angry voter continuing my walk into the Penang political arena.

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