Wednesday, May 14, 2008

If it wasn't for March 8 ...

I am glad our Wakil Rakyat is working overtime. I am glad that they are taking things seriously and doing their duty for the rakyat while the rakyat go to sleep. I am happy that we have our PM walking in at 11 pm at night. I am glad that nation building is now in progress and the threat of cross-overs becoming more real. I am glad that someone like us have the guts to vote some of the old blokes out. The time for change is here and I am proud that we are making a difference. Whether PR or BN makes a better show, I know each of the wakil rakyat has us in their hearts. If they don't, we will vote them out. As for the corrupt past wakil rakyat, shame on you. Look at how dedicated they have become. The spirit of Nation Building and speaking out for the people is finally here.

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