Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A new history!

It’s really a change that we were all looking for. I am truly impressed to see the Selangor State Government actually providing live feed of the proceedings of their state assembly. I hope the other state assemblies will follow suit. I went in earlier and hey presto – the sitting is live on the internet. Seeing a Malaysian Chinese being at the helm of the speaker. Suggest everyone follow the proceeding soon. This is a great effort from the state government and I hope other state governments will follow suit. Sadly, the Parliament is still going with a 30 min live broadcast and I think this is really a waste of time.

Watch it here!


khensthoth said...

Well, I was impressed too. However, I do think that in addition to that they need to make the videos available on sites like youtube for people to view in the future.

Penang State Assembly should follow suit. Not only that - we should outdo them. Live telecast, youtube, release everything that is said in the assembly (sort of a Hansard for the state), and seriously revamp the website. Currently it is just not user friendly enough.

Jeffrey Chew said...

I totally agree. The site needs major revamp and Selangor should be used as a good benchmark to emulate "reach and focus" of the intent of the site.