Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ahem...Mr okay ah?

I believe politics has somewhat taken a front seat and the coming by-elections at Kuala Terengganu gives light to the potential shortfall of a possible loss by BN. Obviously, I am not there but I have heard of the strong winds blowing in the lands of the turtles. Well, for that at least which is far better than the hot air blown by statements made by his honorable Malaysian Industrial & Trade Minister. Why say this ah? Yesterday, Mr Minister said " Interna-tional Trade and Industry Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has challenged Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to show proof the state had secured RM10bil worth of foreign direct investments (FDI) since the change of government last March"
Ah....hmmm.....not taking any sides, let's pay a visit to the MIDA website - I don't know. I think while it feels good to hit on some facts with a strong note.....but I am certain that if we were to look at the numbers closely, the numbers for 2008 were closed till Oct 2008 at RM9.5Billion. Whether it is the efforts of the current state government or not, my guess is this - it still goes to show that investors are still confident of Malaysia and if they are not towards Penang, these numbers would have gone South, wouldn't it?

S0, whether who did what...I think history goes to show that the Penangites for one have gone "sian" with the last government. Why? Simply sucumbing to political patronage and unable to focus on closing deals that are so very vital for the state. So , if they were to just allow the previous CM to make his calls and decisions, don't you think we will still be seeing YAB Dr.Koh Tsu Koon still running the state? I guess Penangites are not so dumb. While we acknowledge their hardwork, it goes to say that the previous administration did not how to follow through on matters. It is simply based on my 20 years of sales experience. My first job was being a medical representative. I took over the area of a salesperson who had low sales but lots of contracts and opportunities in the open. Since I was taking over his job, I looked over his barang barang and did some follow through. I guess I was successful and I still acknowledge him.

So, I think the MITI Minister should focus on what ticks - sure the federal govt gives all the goodies. However, I still think our taxpaying money should be apportioned to the state so that the state becomes self reliant and allow more autonomy to the state. That as a voter, I will like to see. Imagine we have a certain percentage of our funds to the state, I think the issue of who did what ... will be minimize? So, BN supporters, are you game for that?

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