Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dear Tony - AirAsia

Since the whole administration is saying that they are not sure if Labu@East is good idea, can I suggest this? Dato Seri, take a flight to Bayan Lepas. Come up to Level 28 and speak to Lim Guan Eng about seriously embarking on the LCCT in Penang. Reach out to the Penangites and move the LCCT here. I am sure many Malaysians will see you in a better light. Right now, no offense Dato Seri, you are like a corporate player being pushed around by indecisive fat government decision makers who probably spend more time at the golf courses. Why should you go over to see Tun M? Is he so influential?
Seriously, with due respect, do what you think is right. Thousands of Malaysians are pissed and fed up with the attitude of various so called leaders in this country. So, why resort yourself to become a beggar? Talk to those who are keen? You probably have walked up the steps at Bayan Lepas International Airport? Is this the state of an International Airport? Is this what you want folks from Macau to see since you have just launched the flight?
I write this without any malice and I ask you to do the right thing. Fuck Labu@East. It shows how inconsistent one can get when the need is there. I am not implying that Labu@East is a wasteful project. Stop wasting time with these fucked up bureaucrats and step up to the challenge. You can be the agent of change for Penang. So what are you waiting for Dato Seri?
In short, stop the pathetic lobbying and be a real Malaysian. Come to Penang. After all, change is underway there and Putrajaya, ah...fuck it lar.

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