Thursday, September 11, 2008

Warning .. warning..mad cow patients on the loose

3 years ban for saying something seditious? Come on can do better than this. I am sure you have all this planned out with your wayang kulit and theaterical story line. Now we have Tun M back into the party, would that make any difference? After all, he made a mistake appointing the current leadership and today he wants to undo it? Undo it by supporting a racist who continue to rant his mouth in public? I am sure Malaysians are pissed off with BN. We know the overall objectives of BN are to be the mouthpiece of the people, standing for the rights of all and pursuing the course of positivity. Bah....I think that is just cakap cakap only. I am extremely dissapointed. Very dissapointed.

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LynMay said...

ban?, 3 year vacation more like it..