Monday, September 1, 2008

I am a squatter

So I am now a squatter. After 40 years living in this country, I have been said I am a squatter. Even if politicians tend to shoot from the hips, I believe I am a squatter. I am squatter who paid my taxes yearly; exercise my rights as a voter and of course, contribute to the country's Merdeka celebration by displaying the country's flag. S0, I am indeed a squatter. A squatter of the 21st century Malaysia. I am indeed a squatter and I guess my votes meant nothing. Guess what, I am glad I voted these bastards out of office. You continue to be brown nosing the UMNOs who practises racial politics and call me a damm squatter. Sure, I will squat on you who said we are a squatter. Let it be known " I will not let the next 4 years be what I will like my country to be the last 8 years - Obama". Let me curi a bit - " I will not let the next decade be what I will like my county be the last 20 years"

Go jump into the lake - you racialistic bastards!

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"A Chocolate A Day Keeps The Doctor At Bay.." said...

Us minority are just 'Guests - Pitching Tents' in this country.. What did Badawi do over Ahmad's remark? Nothing, make lame excuses for him instead, saying 'He didn't mean it, worr' ...