Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Time to roll up my sleeves

Thanks to those who are following my blog. Obviously, I tend to write stuff that are very general and lack of details. I guess that was done for a purpose only known to me. However, today, I am going to comment on the importance of having a sound Federal Government to help the country recover marginally from the current doldrum that they are in right now. From Perlis to the corners of Sabah, Malaysians are now faced with rising cost of fuel and slow business opportunities due to poor demand.

Are we in the recession now? We are not seriously. Although it may seem that the Malaysian economy has reached a peak level last year, these growth numbers may be due to the massive development to drive growth in this country.

What needs to be done :
1. Control inflation. Institute the monetary policy by increasing interest rates.
2. Implement open tendering system to enable vendors to bid for projects and allowing free market force to cascade the value of money into the economy.

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