Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tsk tsk tsk

Sometimes I wonder country before politics or politics before country. It's far becoming a farce when you read of news that are coming out from many places. Politicians tend to act irrationally and I believe there were instances that these folks tend to be carried away. Anyway, we will leave it as it's.

Oh yes - Penangnites - say bye bye to PORR and Monorail as these projects are being called off. I am sure there are many reasons why this is being done but the country is saving the best for last- literally. Again, questionable efforts by many quarters to get these projects shelved but I believe a change on the top especially those nitwits governing the country ought to happen. Without a clear and decisive idea of what lies ahead, our future is now being pawned to the perils of the rise of oil prices. I wonder if they know about this.

I had lunch with a Managing Director yesterday. He asked "What do you think will happen in 6 month's time?" A tough question that required me to think hard before answering. I just answered " Elections are over. Time to regroup and act as one nation." After today, I am certain this Government is no longer my government. I am no longer believing in their views and directions. I am no longer able to live to the fact that my tax paying role has come to this point where I will now be questioning how they spend our money. As for my state, I trust they will do a great job. Private enterprises will see my state government as a beacon in the darkess times.

Again, tsk tsk tsk to you Mister Prime Minister. That is not slandering but a mere metophorical expression :)

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