Saturday, June 14, 2008

Penang State Symphony Orchestra and Chorus

I had the opportunity to interact with members of the Penang State Symphony Orchestra and Chorus (PSSOC). Obviously, it was great to listen to the chorus group singing away at an official function some days ago. One thing that struck me was the great talents that came with it and how important we nurture talents like these. I am sure we may say that western styled music is typically western and holds no bearing to our Malaysian culture. Nevertheless, I dare to differ on that view. If it's really western styled music, we need to make sure that we are continuously forging forward to upgrade our own Malaysian culture. I strongly believe our culture has a mixture of various elements and I really believe western classical music has strong influence on us.

I really hope Malaysians will support the efforts of these folks. I know many private corporations are and I hope the new government will see this too

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