Saturday, June 7, 2008

Enough lar

With due respect to Dr. Koh, I think it is time for him to stop commenting too much about the previous government's efforts to draw investment into Penang. I guess the discussion could continue further the days when Sir Francis Light founded Penang and how important Sir Francis was for Penang.

In his latest "PR" (public relation and not pakatan rakyat) exercise, I am still scratching my head. I use to be in the corporate environment and investment decisions don't take so long. I think it has a lot to do with these factors when one company chooses to do foreign investment:

1. Political stability
2. Public safety
3. Ease of doing business

Now - Dr. Koh commented "It has not even been 100 days yet since the March 8 polls. However, I would like to stress that ultimately, it is the people’s fight-ing spirit and global economic conditions that determine how we perform – not so much the government.” Sure.....then what happened to the previous government during those months of absence. Run the state till issues like PGCC and land scams went unnoticed? Dr. Koh - admit it lar - you were not hands on enough to get things right. You were under the control of the other major component party and you forgot about the people. I am sure you would know what I am talking about.

Lets be honest - even political appointment of BN individuals are now being seen as an act of treason. I strongly suggest Dr.Koh validates the intention of MIDA to work closely with the Penang State Government. Are they sincere themselves? Are they willing to cut the red tape and work for the interest of the people? Dr Koh - you must address this from now till 2013. I think you are continuing to say one thing and do something different.

Until Gerakan explains its stand on why nothing was done on PGCC and other issues, I like the other thousands will vote otherwise, now and even worse in 2013.

Dr Koh said "“If you keep bashing someone in the face and then turn around and say you want to work with them, it will be very difficult." Are you sure or not Dr Koh? I think you are referring to the BN government right? I don't see other state government asking an opposition memberto be in the committee isn't it? Susah lar ... he said, she said, all say - Shut up!

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