Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tsk Tsk Tsk - Sounds like VietCongs operating in the early 60s

Jimadie Shah Othman & Rahmah Ghazali | Jun 6, 08 5:35pm

Muhammad Muhd Taib has been alleged to have instructed a group of village heads and village development and security committees (JKKKs) in Selangor to “mess up” the state administration, said a PKR source.


The rural and regional land development minister and Selangor Umno head has purportedly held a meeting in a Shah Alam hotel not long after he was appointed a minister in March.

It is believed that during the meeting, Muhd Taib outlined several guidelines for the village heads and JKKK members to undertake, the source told Malaysiakini.

mat taibAccording to the source, a village head who attended the meeting told him that Muhd Taib asked those present not to take any instructions from the state secretary or district officers.

“But do not resign. Just collect your allowance. If they (the state government) won’t give money to you, the federal government will,” the source claimed Muhd Taib as saying.

Recently, Muhd Taib told Parliament that the federal government has to deploy Federal JKKKs in the five states led by Pakatan “to ensure the effectiveness of development projects” undertaken in those states.

The minister also charged that the four new Pakatan state governments in power since March 8, have “acted aggressively” by appointing new officers in government agencies.

The source added that Muhd Taib was planning to streamline the JKKK administration at federal level by appointing new district administrators in the Pakatan-led states..

Asked why the minister was doing it, the source responded, “perhaps (he wanted) to channel the funds to JKKKs from the federal level.”

Regain Selangor

The minister was also said to push all the JKKK members to work hard in order to regain Selangor for the BN.

“He concluded that all the members must work hard to win back Selangor,” said the source.

At the meeting, Muhd Taib also allegedly said that Pakatan de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim should not be made prime minister because he is “(committing treason) by selling the country”.

“Don’t let Anwar lead (Malaysia). He wants to sell our country. That’s the reason why (Dr) Mahathir (Mohamad) sacked him,” claimed the source.

The Umno leader also accused Pakatan of harbouring a socialist ideology and no longer fighting for the Malays, unlike Umno.

“Pakatan is a socialist party, that’s why they wanted to collaborate with Parti Rakyat (Malaysia). Pakatan is not a nationalist party like Umno,” said the source, claiming the information was given to him a day after the meeting.

Recently, Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim said Selangor was ready to appoint village and JKKK heads, including from Umno, if they were willing to serve the people.

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