Saturday, June 7, 2008

USD150 per barrel by July

CNN carried a story on Malaysia - pain at the pump in Malaysia..... I lament the fact that we are currently a net exporter and yet we are saddled with the higher prices for our petrol! I am sure when July comes and the price jumps to USD150/barrel, lets see how we should demand the government to change their lavish lifestyle instead of asking us to change ours? Come on - we are not "budak budak kecil" (small kids). I think we deserve better than this, really we do!

Mr PM - I urge you to come out and appease the people. Announcing the increase is just one of your ways to do things for the best of the country. Explain to us why Malaysia is paying so much for its oil - I sense we tend to compare Singapore and Malaysia.....but I think Malaysia is a net exporter and Singapore - a net importer. So is this an apple to apple comparison?

While you fly on your big jet from one place to another and your inability to answer to the recent question of the cost to the people, I strongly suggest you take the buses (if there is any) or even taxis and travel along the KL highway. Maybe then you will understand why 49% voted against you!

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