Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cutting the cords!

Interesting article that I caught via the web this morning. As the world starts to cut its cords via the physical Internet, we have opponents in this very state of ours who are against the mainstream WIFI and WIMAX initiatives. I am certain that these folks have good intention of cutting the darn cords...marking the end of wired Internet. I find it very strange when the rest of the world does that, we in Malaysia are rather apprehensive about the 2 intiatives called by the CM of Penang.

My theory is this - could it be that these oponents are being commissioned by our own folks to go against the initiatives to protect their interest? Or is it because the opponents are being driven to say things by "certain interest groups" within the West? I am sure there are those who opposes the Digital Divide Concept. I for one believe tht there any quarters who may want to see the Digital Divide be what it is - a digital divide. Click at the picture or click here if you want to read more of what the gentlemen and ladies are doing!

I strongly believe the opponents must state their case clearly. Otherwise, I will consider them as opponents of trying to narrow down the Digital Divide and working for certain quarters for their interest. I find it strange that no one writes about the deplorable quality of Streamyx and the poor service that they show at times. Instead, hours are spent talking about the "health impact of the WIFI and WIMAX" which I think is a farce....come on lar....Stop talking on that and talk about our own wired internet. If there are other choices, wouldn't we be looking into it? Or is it that these groups opposing have some ulterior motive? You be the judge!

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khensthoth said...

Well, I wholeheartedly agree with you. The group of people who opposes Wifi and WIMAX needs to have a better understanding of Physics and non-ionising electromagnetic wave.

If Wifi and WIMAX should be banned, then ALL mobile phone network should be banned. In fact, if they claim Wifi and WIMAX is dangerous, then obviously microwave and infrared is dangerous as well. Heck - even visible light is dangerous.

The relative intensity of Wifi network should not cause harm to our health. Microwave oven has 21 times the intensity of a Wifi network. Unless we have 21 Wifi network at the same place, with the same intensity, Wifi is still safe.

However, on landline, I seriously think Wifi and WIMAX is not a replacement for landline. Landline broadband is the backbone of a developed economy. And currently we just see the appalling anti-competitive behaviour of TMNet in Malaysia.