Sunday, October 12, 2008

Economic Upheaval

Which direction will Malaysia take? What fiscal and monetary policies will it deploy? With the slump at the bourses throughout the world, I am not sure our new Finance Minister will be ready to take on the challenge. I am not confident that Malaysia will not be sheltered from the possible Tsunami of economic downturn.

Our exports will greatly be affected but maybe a consolation, the USDollar may help more FDIs to consider Malaysia coming from the US perspective. However, as demand slows in the US, do you think the exports from Malaysia will be affected? Certainly! Having said that, with rate cuts across the globe, do you believe that the bourses can be saved? I am sure that many of the local investors were not expecting this glut.

I am certain that Malaysians will be feeling the pinch soon. I believe the press must act responsibly and write articles that clearly tell the rakyat what the impact will be. I guess politics should be rising in temperature and I hope we will not have another "Ahmad Ismail" fever again. What we need is a panadol or many of them to help the ailing economy. I am not seeing anything concrete, do you?

Take a look at this and wake up Malaysia!

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