Saturday, May 2, 2009

Internet has come of age....

The recent news of CPM Chief Chin Peng being disallowed to return to his homeland is a clear indication that Malaysia wants to prevent history from being rewritten. It was rewritten on March 8 through a democratic process and of course, Chin Peng's return to Malaysia could prove devastating although he wants to return based upon humanitarian grounds. Although that process will never see light now, I am surprised that his last remaining comrades are using the Internet to tell the world that  they are still around and they are still the commies that use to run wild in the jungles. 

Except this time round, they are much older and sadly, some of them seem to have passed away in their little community kampung along the border of Thailand. I am sure you will not hentam me for taking time to write this posting but it is good to give some credit to these commies who were on the other side of struggle for a free Malaya. I am sure history books did not give them much credit for the destruction they had caused in the new villages during the 50-70s but rest assured, they are very much Malaysian as much as you and I are. 

What struck me is their continuous struggle to keep their ideology alive and well. Though it may seem like they are in their own world, they would probably view us the same way - in a chaotic and violent capitalistic world. Much as I want to say more about my views, I will leave it as it is. The struggle for a free and just Malaysia rests upon the democratic process that believes that all are equal with a new brand of socialistic views put onto it. God bless their souls- the freedom fighters of Malaysia - both the right and left. 

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