Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh my god....

The self proclaimed Gandhi and the pepper spray woman has gotten a reprieve from the Courts of Appeal. Nothing much to say other than good luck and god bless. Last nite, 96pct of the respondents on NTV7 said they will "create" pain for BN in the next General Election. I say this - GO AHEAD.

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rahsia said...

I wonder whether if Sivakumar is still the speaker, will he let a motion of no confidence be carried out?

I think that's also a part of the speaker's power that should be curb as it provide a mean to reject a legitimate motion. Just like the Sultan's prerogative to agree to a snap election request by the MB.

These flaws in the constitution should be amended to as clear as possible. Otherwise we can argue till the cows come home & the mosquito goes to sleep.