Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thankful? Be god fearing OK?

Thankful? I suggest be god fearing is a better word. It is sad how the Public Relations machinery is spinning about the story about how critical the police swooped in to resolve the matter. They should have done it earlier really when Speaker Siva asked the Sargeant At Arms to remove the 5 BN fellas. That would have defused the situation. But noooooo.....the police all of sudden became very aggressive to remove Sivakumar. He is still the Speaker and the removal was not done right! So, beware - the truth may just come back to haunt them

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genesispassion said...

they heard wrongly ...he said arrest me throw me out...quick while the press are here..that make him hero !
police cant be hearing wrong,,,tangkap saya ..instead of tangap dia !