Friday, May 8, 2009

Is this right?

1. Speaker of the house ordered BN ADUNs out based on his order made some WEEKS go. Sargeant at arms - buat tak tau saja. So? Ini jungle punya law kah?
2. 4 burly guys came in with tags - OFFICIAL drag the speaker out - in jungle law kah?
3. Itu baru punya Speaker came from where?Alamak - he was so eager hiding away in the store room - so when he came in Speaker Siva took his place....? Ini jungle punya law kah?
4. We had to call in the police - what business does the police have in the hall. Itu punya Sargeant at arms buat apa?- Itu jungle punya law kah?
So in sum - Itu jungle punya law is the law written and done up by BN. So stop using jungle law connotation and speak with truth.

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