Sunday, February 8, 2009

I am going to take YB Jeff Ooi's advise

Bite the bullet and fight another day.


Fishhook said...

Ya. That would be the wisest choice. After all if BN already has the numbers, fighting just to do the vote of no confidence in the state assembly is just delaying the inevitable anyway. No point going against the royalty too strongly.

Besides, Nizar said he leaves it to the Sultan to decide, so when the Sultan has decided Nizar should step back and fight another day.

Jeffrey Chew said...

SO can I count you to stand by me when the next election comes and if I am chosen to run? I need to have all my buddies by my side.

Fishhook said...

Sure! I have never voted for BN anyway. But sadly I never actually had the chance to vote the DAP either because my constituency doesn't feature any DAP candidates. :)