Saturday, February 14, 2009

Undur Madam Hee, undur

Dear YB Madam Hee,
I was shocked when you decided to turn your back on the party that backed you up for 2 long terms. In fact, many would have agreed with you if you had to resign and call for a new fresh election at Jelapang. Although I am not from Perak, I join the rest of Malaysians in trying to emphatize with your situation. Seriously, it has been 2 weeks now and no one seems to know what your reasons were. I urge you to do what is right. Step down and resign from being a state assemblywoman and join another political party. Isn't Malaysia a wonder? You have hundreds to choose from but by being independent, I guess your focus on things tend to YB, do yourself a favor ---- letak jawatan. In fact, your constituents don't seem to think highly of you anymore. Check this out - save yourself from all the pain. Enjoy your time as being a YB that has repented and decided to come out in the open and accept faith as it is. It is better to be what you are than to be a traitor, something that many seems to think.

Oh...I thought you would like to see how your other frogs' friends are going is one of the pictures taken...

Jelapang folk still furious with Hee
Lee Way Loon Feb 14, 09
Arguably the most hated woman in Malaysia at the moment, Hee Yit
Foong was again the main target of public resentment. This time at a ceramah in
her constituency of Jelapang on Thursday night.he 1600-strong crowd at
Pakatan Rakyat's 11th ceramah addressing the Perak political crisis responded
emotionally when Pakatan leaders criticised Hee for her defection.When ousted
exco Nga Kor Ming asked the crowd whether they thought Hee should resign, almost
every one in attendance raised their hands to say yes.Nga and ousted Perak
Menteri Besar Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin also apologised to the crowds for Hee's
defection.The ceramah is widely seen as a strategy by DAP to whip up public
sentiment against Hee after she claimed that she quit the party because she was
marginalised.Judging from the crowds' response and the RM4,106 in donations
collected during the ceramah, it seems the strategy paid off.Although police
have banned political ceramah in the state, Pakatan had managed to obtain a
permit for the ceramah in Jelapang on Thursday night.Chee: She is 'rubbish'Among
the DAP assemblypersons invited to speak were Keranji assemblyperson Chen Fook
Chye and Buntong assemblyperson A Sivasubramaniam.Chen, who was previously close
to Hee, poured scorn on his former friend, going as far as to call her
"rubbish". He added that instead of admitting her wrong move in defecting, Hee
had tried to blame the state party leadership for her move.Chen ended his fiery
speech by shouting, "I want to kick this rubbish away!", prompting the crowd to
join him in blasting Hee.The final speaker of the night, Nizar, stressed that he
was still the menteri besar and slammed Barisan Nasional for using "dirty
tricks" to topple the Pakatan-led state government.He also urged voters to vote
against BN in the upcoming Bukit Gantang by-election to send a message of
no-confidence to the new government.Thursday's ceramah is a clear indication
that instead of abating with time, public anger and resentment for Hee is only
increasing and judging from the crowd response, it would be safe to say that the
BN-friendly independent should stay well away from her constituency, indeed
Perak, for some time to come.

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