Sunday, February 15, 2009

Time to give them their Waterloos

Since March 8 is not enough, I suggest the rakyat to continue being angry, pissed. I believe by doing so, the end is near for these napoleons. Whether they are in power on the federal side or otherwise, let's do what March 8 can't finish achieve. I believe the mass media is ganging up on the opposition as well as certain little napoleons doing their side of things. I guess giving them the ultimate waterloo will be good. Civil disobidience will be the last resort but let's start via the normal democratic way - complaints.

So, enjoy your weekend.

Days numbered for ‘Little Napoleons’ of Penang
GEORGE TOWN: The Penang Municipal Council has identified
several “LittleNapoleons” and will decide on their fate soon.They include
department heads anda few senior officers who made life difficult for the public
by being slow inattending to complaints.They also abused their power and had a
bad workattitude, said Penang Municipal councillor Yeoh Soon Hin, who is also
the PayaTerubong assemblyman.“We are gathering evidence before submitting their
names toChief Minister Lim Guan Eng and State Local Government Committee
chairman ChowKon Yeow for action,” Yeoh told reporters at the state DAP
headquartersyesterday.He declined to say how many had been identified and when
the nameswould be handed in for action.Another councillor Tan Hun Wooi said some
of the“Little Napoleons” had claimed they were given instructions by certain
electedrepresentatives from the Pakatan Rakyat government while carrying
outenforcement.“This is morally wrong. We view this as sabotage aimed at
incitingthe people against elected representatives from Pakatan,” he said.At the
pressconference, the DAP municipal councillors also initiated the setting up of
acomplaints bureau where the public can lodge their complaints against
these“Little Napoleons

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