Saturday, February 28, 2009

Interesting article

Weekend is usually slower than usual but after reading SS Quah's opinion about our nation, I need to at least put certain into perspective:

1. March 8 came and went. Today, the rule of law seems to be intepreted by the ruling government as their mandate by the people and those who have chosen Pakatan states can be "pariahs" of the nation if so they chose since they did not give the mandate. If BN were to act more reconciliatory, wouldn't it be better to at least reach out to the hearts and minds of those who voted against them? That is why I question the validity of the BN government. I pay my tax like many Malaysians. Every single dime goes back to the Federal and they have no fucking right to say " oh...allocation is for those states who are non-Pakatan." If that is the case, I must as well stop paying my taxes.

2. Pakatan leaders preoccupied on taking over the Federal Government - since when Penang state has that ambition. I strongly felt that the Federal Government was more interested to wrest back the Pakatan States because they are afraid their warchest continue to deplete. Quite evident isn't in Perak, SS?

3. If people like Zubedy can feel that way, I do too. After all, when the last 50 years we have been pre-programmed to think that Alliance and BN provide us with all the security and we should never question them. Once Pakatan took over, we became very insecure. Folks, stop the insecurity. We are ahead of ourselves and we can do better. I am very sure we can do better.

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Quah, Seng-Sun said...

Let's leave the Pakatan-controlled states aside. Obviously, they already have their hands full trying to govern their states. Perak blinked too long and that was their undoing. Don't see it happening at all in Penang or Kelantan, which is good for stability. But Selangor and Kedah better be on their toes always. But the ambition to take over the federal government is always with the federal-level Pakatan leadership, isn't it? Not at the state levels but so clear at federal level. Malaysian politics is hurting everybody....