Monday, April 13, 2009

At least a sensible person responding to Shadow cabinet issue

Better deal for rakyat with shadow cabinet - the Sun
I REFER to reports on a plot to topple government published on April 12, whereby Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin was quoted as saying that Pakatan Rakyat’s decision to form a shadow cabinet is aimed at toppling the government.
A shadow cabinet is the norm in many Commonwealth countries. The UK, Canada and Australia refer to their shadow cabinet ministers as the Loyal Opposition. A shadow cabinet should not be construed as disputing the sovereign’s right to the throne and the legitimacy of the government. The shadow cabinet in many countries provides an alternative to the cabinet and its members shadow or mark each minister.

In Westminster for example, it is the shadow cabinet’s responsibility to pass criticism on the British government and its legislation, as well as offer alternative policies. It is a healthy form of check and balance and effectively raises the performance of the government. In the spirit of getting rid of the "government knows best" policy as declared by the prime minister last week, this could have been the best example of where the government walks its talk.

Regardless of whether the country is moving to a two-party political system or otherwise, the existence of a shadow cabinet provides a very effective opposition. As a result, the rakyat will be able to tap the benefits of both the government and the opposition working hard to establish a united country and a prosperous economy.

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