Friday, April 10, 2009

Many twists and back door entrances

I believe March 8 came and went. April 7 came and went. Now, we have new twists and turns that are about to embroil Perak into another state of turmoil. In the latest postings on PAS supporter's website, it was reported that High Royal Highness Sultan of Perak has an audience with YAB Menteri Besar Dato Seri Nizar. I am sure the meeting between the both of them will cover many areas of interest especially on the issue of having the legitimate government reinstalled. I am not sure if Dato Seri Nizar is able to garner the Sultan's support but if he fails, come May 15, Perak State Assembly will be dissolved automatically. After all, the spin doctors will once again spin the stories and proclaim that they will capture Perak rightfully from Pakatan Rakyat. We should all observe and wait for further developments. In a month's time, we shall see some sparks flying again......boy oh boy!

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