Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Remember this date ---- 18 March 2008

Before we start slamming the Penang State Government, lets understanding the rational of ratings. It is to show the brightsparks and the lowlights of certain finding. Here, I am surely appreciative if we can actually find out when this finding were done. To my surprise, who is at fault here?Past or present government? Seriously, if the findings were done before the current government came in, then I am certain we should all take out the brickbats and beat the living daylights out of everyone!
So - statistics can kill or otherwise. So, better make your choice.....use it wisely or it will use you back....so the verdict - the findings were done before the new government came in, so the ratings are reflective of the MPPP of the past administration...boo boo....

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