Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Penanti sedang menanti

Penanti sedang menanti. I suppose the appearance of the ex ADUN , Fairus, has somewhat closed up gaps of any possible "frogs" phenomena in Penang. I am sure many of PKR's supporters and detractors are now forced not to speculate but to accept the realities that are in their faces. Fact - Fairus is supporting PR, not BN. Fact - BN is reeling from the euphoria of the recent installment of Najib. Fact - BN has lost many by-elections - a thing that is unprecendented since 1957. I am sure the tide is changing but supporters must work hard to convince the Penanti constituency that this is not a power play but a renewed sense of forcing both sides to work hard for the people. For now, Penanti sedang menanti. The people of Penanti must decide.

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