Friday, November 21, 2008

2 choices to decide

The Penang State Government may have taken a herculean task in ensuring the status of Penang's Heritage Status is being secured. I am sure many of you did not ever dream that Penang will one day be a Heritage City as well as being governed by the Pakatan Rakyat government. Seriously, I am speaking as a Penangite and I am sure many of you would agree. A wise friend advised me never to look back at the rear mirror but to steer ahead. It's always important to know the history and to learn from it. Never be afraid to admit mistakes as the new government will make some blunders and as a Penangite, I am always forgiving. Forgiving when it comes to blunder but if the same mistakes are being made twice, I will not hesitate to bite someone's head off. For the case of the Heritage City status, I am certain you know the issues. Stop focusing on the crappy ways of the BN government but be prepared to take a step ahead and to consider these 2elements:
1.Stop the projects and face legal lawsuits. Besides that, you will have alot to convince the investors of your flip flop policy to reverse a bad decision. The Government of the day will be the government of the future. So stop blaming those bastards in the past .
2. Set up a negotiation team to talk to the affected developers. I believe there are reasonable people. After all, they wouldn't have considered Penang.
I am sure you wouldn't want those bastards to come back to power, would you? So speak up and be heard. Always look forward and say "to hell with the past. We have voted the new government for a change and don't even talk about them anymore. There are comfortably earning their pension and we must make sure they continue doing so. "
I think the blame game must stop. It is better for all to put aside all political differences and not let the award go to waste. I am certain it's a wake up call for the PR government in Penang to consider. According to Malaysiakini, it's a difficult game to play on this issue. Nevertheless, I am confident, Penang will prevail. Trust me - it will prevail under PR.


khensthoth said...

The blame game must stop, that's for sure. It's great and a little ironic that it is coming out from you, since you word in the Chief Minister's office.

Of more than 8 months in governance, the new chief minister is perhaps the one that blames people the most. I am saying this not as a detractor - as my stance and my support for Pakatan and DAP is established.

I, and many Penangites, are losing our faith and patience. Where is the declaration of assets by statemens? Where is our local election? Where is our Freedom of Information Act? Why the dismal performance in several tourism-related issues?

Seriously, I read almost all news about Penang, and Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is THE one that needs a Public Relation manager pronto. His many years as opposition has not helped him, and his many press conferences and sentences are pushing people away from him.

Why provide funding for private schools when this mere act will be seem by some as promoting "Chinese interest"? Aren't private schools supposed to take care of their finances? Why provide zero funding for national schools? Sure - they have funding from the federal government, but again, such act will be seen differently in different communities.

I hope you get what I mean, and help me convey that to the Chief Minister.

Jeffrey Chew said...

What is so ironic of my comments? I enjoy differing views. Hence, there is no blame game. It's purely politics from the higher up. Smile ya. The process of change is a never ending one. It's only 8 months and you are no longer able to tolerate ? How come 18 years left without anything being said? Seriously, look into the context of the discussion. Nothing ironic. I am fully behind my views that 18 years of rot is good enough. Nothing more anymore - smile and cheers!