Sunday, November 23, 2008

What? Road sign defaced?

Read this cartoon carefully. It was published by Utusan Malaysia. Clearly the intention is to question the reason behind the multi-lingual roadsigns. Seriously, if you look carefully, the main language of the roadsign is Bahasa. I am not sure why it is a dark day in Malaysian history? I am seriously wondering if someone is trying to make things look bad!
Next we hear defacing signboards just to prove a point? Gosh! I bet many of the news dailies have yet to report on this latest thingy but I am giving you an exclusive scoop. The roadsign at the heritage area in Penang has been vandalized with red paint. I wonder how low can one go, really! I am sure this is the latest of the many series of controversial news in Penang but I am glad the CM has responded very promptly. What would they do next?

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zewt said...

things just keep getting worse.