Sunday, November 9, 2008

RPK is out...and many more

Somehow, I caught up with KB Lee at Komtar today. He was wearing a red t-shirt that says "I am with RPK." I am glad he wore it. Thousands of Malaysians are glad that RPK has been released. Thanks to the judiciary system, he is out. What leaves the ruling government now? Seriously, I don't think they give a damm anyway. So what if he has been released - I bet that is what they will say. After all, it was Badawi's administration and what is done is now undone.

Seriously, I don't think it is that simple. RPK's release has serious implication that ISA is indeed draconian and ISA must go! I am sure many would agree that the episode of the arrest of the reporter of ISA and RPK being thrown into Kamunting for 2 years clearly show that the current government is indeed indecisive.....

Now some comments about the Penang golf course issue at Batu Kawan. All of a sudden ex deputyCM of Penang remembers! He actually remembers things unlike months ago when he was questioned about the allerged land scams. Hahaha...what do you make out of this.... I guess one has to take some medication to remember and I guess he did just that.

Walking the talk? I guess one has to understand issues before we can take a stand and walk alongside with the issues. I am surprised that non of the NGOs actually appeared at the Wireless@Penang forum. Seriously, I have serious doubts as to whether these guys are for real. I leave it as that....doubts :) Till then take care

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