Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Right on Anil!

Thanks to Anil, it brought back old wounds and memories when Padang Kota Lama became a field of sand hills - literally. I remembered there fairly well. Why? I just got back from the US and it was a horror when I saw this being done. Obviously, my political affliation has never quivered over the years. Talking about that, I just caught a glimpse of the "Showdown of Champions" in KL. Imagine, my weekend was planned for seeing the best of the best play against each other. I guess I was robbed. I sincerely felt that it was not my government that robbed me of my priviledge but the lack of "management skills" and negotiation skills of the organizer. I am saying this as my own personal opinion. How can one fuck up so badly? Really, how can one FUCK up so badly? She went to the political partie. She became a poster girl of many of these folks who wanted political mileage. SO - go figure out. I am certain that she is hurting herself but it was because she was living in a world of her own. Penang can do it .... what we don't need is another idiot who thumps his/her chest claiming they are somebody - then the whole world will fall flat on your feet. S0, that ARE A GEM!

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