Monday, December 15, 2008

All of a sudden.....

It is a weekend worth remembering for me. I started to do some little spring cleaning. Clearing away unwanted stuff which included some of my kids' papers and books. What is more surprising is that you tend to uncover interesting stuff along the way. I was not disappointed. I found my son's little Bunny which he slept on. Hesitant to throw it away, my wife decided to hang onto it as it is a reflection of my eldest son's growing up days. Well, all said and done, I can't help reading some of my thoughts way back in 1999. I guess some of it was my total disappointment of the political development way back then. Obviously, one of which is PAS. I guess PAS was never in my books of favorite political parties. In fact, I was that close to just shut myself out in 1999. However, good things come slowly they say. I must say that people's perception have changed so very much. I really can't help reading this article which I think you should spend sometime reading about the big battle brewing in Terengganu. Let's sit back and watch. It could be a show much better than anyone can imagine.

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