Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Helping out

Since March 8, my journey into the corridors of politics has been interesting. Obviously, my involvement with the party has been minimum apart from volunteering my time to be a station master at Hun Bin and to be a part of a challenging administration following that. I wish to share my personal insights of what that has affected me so very much the last few months. Kavern Leng was a good friend of ours. He kind of disappeared into the wilderness until a friendly party supporter alerted us. Kavern was inflicted with cancer and he had been battling with it for the past few months. I did what a normal human being would do. Reach out to the networks that I had and garnered as much financial help for Kavern. I knew that Kavern believed in change and I believe this is not the time to turn my back on him. I must say after many years as a party member, one of the proudest moment was being able to raise at least Rm10K in matter of days for him. Although it may not be enough, but for at least, it is a gesture of assistance and caring for another party friend. I felt that it is only a humane thing to reach out and help another human being. Thanks to YB Liew Chin Tong, some money has collected from a few donors the amount of RM10K. I hope this will help Kavern journey further in seeking the best treatment possible. I am praying for him and like what he said that night "it seems the whole world is rooting for him." That should be the spirit. Kavern - all the best.

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