Friday, December 12, 2008

Hello knock knock...

I sometimes fail to understand. I sometimes think good news are good to share but bad news are even better to share. Recently calls by the government proclaiming "everything is fine" will soon come back to haunt them. I am certain that the current economic conditions call for bold moves. Moves that involve out of box thoughts. Daring ones as I think the industrialists in Malaysia are getting lethargic continuing to impress leaders that the country is heading into a perfect economic storm. In months to come, I am very sure unemployment will be on the rise. Fiscal spending will come to a halt as the country's revenue dwindle down due to price deescalation. I fear for the future. I fear for groupthink leaders who have become chest beating leaders who continue to be ostriches in the jungle of chaos. Who will survive if the leaders continue to be blind bats and ostrich sticking heads into ground? Hear the industrialists. Hear them ... help them...don't keep on saying retraining. Just focus on the basics - help them to help the country.

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