Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My journey started after he left us abruptly...

Many asked me why I decided to walk my talk? Many asked me why I have been so passionate and so determined that one day, change will come. Or has it ever came? Someone SMS me a shortwhile ago - "Your dad would have been proud of you!" I replied "He would have died of heart attack on March 9 seeing what happened at Red Rock Hotel!"

My journey through the corporate world has been always the focus of closing deals, winning projects and making a company succeed. Way back in 1999, When Alex of a local company offered me the Branch Manager position and said that if I turned it around, 6 month's bonus awaits you. I guess I took that as a challenge and true enough, during that time, my focus and ideals remained very corporate driven. Making the bottom line became my focus. I guess that is how life is all about then. Each year, during Ching Beng, I will visit my late father's resting place. Nested in a very peaceful location, I use that as my source of inspiration. Sometimes when I am down, I will be there reflecting and maybe shedding some tears. Over the years, I got use to the fact that he is no longer here. However, each year when Christmas approaches, I miss him very much. I know it is difficult to understand how I feel but I guess you will need to understand the relationship I had with my father.
I attended my first ceramah when I was eight. I had my first party dinner when I was 12. I became a member when I was 21. I voted when I was in the US. I remember his words of wisdom about politics. "Take no prisoners. Otherwise, the prisoners will take you." hahaha....My father passed away in 1986. It was very hard for me then. I became very self reliant and very individualistic. Without my maternal grandmother in Phuket, I would have stayed back in Penang earning less than what I have and probably never walked my talk. 2008 has been an eventful day for me. From the day of the early nomination till the night when the crowd roared victory, I miss my father very much. I visited his resting place recently. Peace was with him since and I see his party badge besides the urn. I will wear that badge one day...when I walk my talk in the Dewan Undangan Negeri or Parliament. I miss you dad.

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